Friday Box Office Estimates
By Tim Briody
October 8, 2005

Later that night at dinner, Wallace finally gets the toupee joke

In the biggest shuffle in the top ten in quite a while, this weekend's five new releases all land in the top six spots.

Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of the Were-Rabbit

The stop-motion animated duo may have the wrong trousers, but they found the right box office Friday. A $4.1 million first-day take easily takes the top spot. It's a bit off from the $5.6 million Chicken Run opened with back in August of 2000, but that was still late summer. Chicken Run had a 3.08 multiplier on its opening weekend, and Wallace & Gromit should have something very similar to that. A 3.1 multiplier would give The Curse of the Were-Rabbit $12.7 million for the weekend.

In Her Shoes

The Cameron Diaz/Toni Collette chick flick earned a respectible $3 million Friday. Not exactly having the rush-out-and-see-it-opening night audience, it should perform fairly well over the remainder of the weekend. Let's give it a 3.0 weekend multiplier, good for a $9 million weekend.

Two for the Money

The Al Pacino/Matthew McConaughey thriller that had advertisements during every sporting event that has been televised for the last month earned a shade under $3 million Friday. Males, the target audience, are going to continue watching real sports instead of opting for seeing this film despite the decent cast. A 2.8 weekend multiplier gives the scenery-chewer a $8.4 million weekend total.

The Gospel

On less than 1,000 screens, the Screen Gems release earned an impressive $2.6 million. A film with a similar audience, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, opened at the top with $21.9 million back in February and managed a 2.96 weekend multiplier along the way. That seems a natural fit for The Gospel, which would place it at around a $7.7 million weekend take.


The Office Space-meets-Clerks film from Lions Gate also opened decently on just 1,652 screens, earning $2.1 million Friday. The obvious cult-appeal here will hurt its weekend multiplier, but likely ensures a decent life on DVD over the next few years. Call it a 2.7 multiplier for the weekend, giving Waiting $5.7 million for the weekend.

Notable Holdovers

In its third weekend, Flightplan relinquishes the top spot but holds well in the wake of the five new openers, down only 31.4% from week ago. Figure around $10 million this weekend.

Serenity doesn't fare so well in its second weekend as it falls a very hard 59.9% from last Friday. It's doubtful the weekend decline will go under 50%, so figure around $4.5 million for the Joss Whedon film.

Into the Blue only falls 37.4% from last Friday, but that's really because it didn't have all that far to fall to begin with. A 35% decline gives the Paul Walker/Jessica Alba movie about $4.6 million.

A History of Violence falls 40% from a week ago, mostly thanks to its solid word-of-mouth. It's decline may get as low as 30%, so a weekend total somewhere in the vicinity of $5.5 million looks to be in store.