Friday Box Office Analysis
By Tim Briody
May 14, 2005

No, *I'm* the  most hated actress in America!

Okay, seriously, are all the studios really that afraid of Star Wars or something?


Jane Fonda's return to theaters after a lengthy absense results in giving Jennifer Lopez her biggest hit in a while. Monster-in-Law earned an estimated $8 million Friday, which was good enough for the top spot. The critically savaged comedy is apparently the number one date movie choice for the weekend, which I suppose makes sense. Figure an internal multiplier in the 2.9 range, which gives Monster-in-Law $23.2 million as the 2005 box office year drudges on.

Kicking & Screaming

Will Ferrell's latest comedy took in $6.3 million Friday. That's down a bit from both Elf ($8.9 million) and Anchorman ($11 million), but it's to be expected when Kicking & Screaming looks to be more of a family comedy that doesn't have the holiday tie-in like Elf does. Look for the soccer comedy to score a 3.0 multiplier for the weekend, which translates to an $18.9 million weekend.


Jet Li's latest managed $3.8 million Friday. Li's last effort, Hero, took in $6.8 million on its opening weekend in late August of last year. That film also only managed a 2.66 internal multplier, which is as good as any to give Unleashed. That would give the action flick $10.1 million for the weekend.


The latest Renny Harlin disaster is finally put out of its misery with a token release where it earned $700,000 Friday. A best case scenario Saturday and Sunday would give it a $2 million weekend and a trip to DVD sometime in June.

Notable Holdovers

Kingdom of Heaven collapses 61.8% from last Friday, killing the few remaining hopes it had of earning back its production budget. It's going to be down around 55% from its opening weekend total.

House of Wax drops 56% from last week, behaving like a good little horror movie. It may be able to reduce the bleeding to under 50% so all is not entirely lost.

Crash holds extremely well from last week, slipping only 28.8% from last Friday. Positive word-of-mouth could potentially reduce its weekend decline to the 20% mark.