Friday Numbers Analysis
By Tim Briody
March 19, 2005

No...that Nicole Kidman scene in Birth was just plain icky.

The Year of the Horror Movie continues as high-profile sequel The Ring Two puts a scare into the dull March box office.

The Ring Two

The horror sequel earned $15.5 million Friday, a few hundred grand more than The Ring made in its entire opening weekend in October of 2002, so we can consider this an acceptible first day. The Ring earned $4.8 million Friday and had an above average (for a horror film) 3.2 internal multiplier. With a much higher opening and sequel-itis at work, we can tone that down a bit to your standard horror multiplier of 2.7, which gives The Ring Two a very solid $41.9 million opening weekend.

Ice Princess

Disney's Ice Princess grossed a disappointing $2.2 million Friday. The film skews young, so it should have a decent internal multiplier, but the presence of other family-friendly films like Robots and The Pacifier don't help its cause. We'll be nice and give Ice Princess a 3.1 multiplier, good for a $6.8 million weekend.

Notable Holdovers

Robots drops an alarming 46.3% from a week ago, but it's not entirely the end of the world. It should recover nicely over the rest of the weekend to around a 35% decline.

Hostage falls 45.7% from last Friday and the Bruce Willis flop should have an overall decline for the weekend of around 40%.