Top Chef Season 17 Power Rankings
By Jason Lee
May 14, 2020


Head of the Class: Gregory and Melissa.

The undisputed top three becomes the top two with Kevin’s elimination. Melissa didn’t really do anything to help or hurt her stock during Restaurant Wars (although Tom’s comment regarding a dish that the guest judge liked, stating “Melissa made that” shows just how much he admires her cooking). But Gregory, micro-managing his kitchen to fantastic results, shows why he’s probably the chef to beat right now.

Passing Grade: Lee Anne, Brian Malarkey, Stephanie

Each chef contributed great offerings to Kann. Lee Anne turned a simple salad into a stunner and delivered a dessert (often times the kiss of death) that the diners loved. Brian masterfully handled front-of-house while preparing a fish course that the judges raved about. Finally, Stephanie delivered the salt cod patties that Gregory had envisioned and that Tom adored. These three chefs should be feeling pretty darn good about themselves.

Needing Some Extra Credit: Bryan Voltaggio and Karen

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but WTF is up with Bryan Voltaggio? He’s clearly got the skills, but when’s the last time he hit a solid double or a triple in any challenge? The lack of threat he’s starting to pose during these challenges is flummoxing for any Top Chef fan. As for Karen, she should be thanking her lucky stars for the fact that (1) Kevin was so willing to go down with his ship, and (2) Kevin’s banana dessert wasn’t that good. If not for that, she might have found herself back in Last Chance Kitchen.