Survivor: David vs Goliath Recap, Ep 6
Aren't Brochachos Just Adorable?
By Jim Van Nest, Slamtonian
November 6, 2018

Too bad.

Hello good people, it's good to be back! Your normal hosts, David and Kim, are taking a quickie Halloween vacation to something Disney related - honestly, I can't keep up. So, they reached out to my new employer, The Slamtown Gazette, to see if they would loan me to BOP for a week's worth of Survivor coverage. Suffice it to say, Survivor 37 is the biggest show in all of Slamtown - so they were happy to oblige!

Previously on Survivor, the Mayor of Slamtown (Johnny Mundo) took the island by force. He's made inroads with Hot Cop Dan and they have created a Wednesday Night Delight of an alliance with Christian (Head of Awesome Stuff) Hubicki called The Brochachos. We've had 1 med-evac, 1 quit, a young blond was voted off and then 3 horrible players who won't get mentioned here as they are of no consequence to the Mayor's rise to Sole Survivor. Most of them will be in Finale Back Row seats and get no questions at the reunion.

So, let's reset the game as it stands right now.

The orange tribe has a 3-2 former David numbers advantage with cowgirl Elizabeth emerging as one of the biggest threats to John Morrison's claim to the Sole Survivor throne. She has expertly maneuvered through 2 votes that should have seen her alliance crushed and managed to keep everyone she cares about in the game. She's also proven to be contender in challenges. Probably all that slingshot squirrel hunting. Also, Carl ha something called an Idol Nullifier that sounds really cool but will take a Survivor miracle to ever be played correctly.

The purple tribe voted off a Goliath last week and now has an even split 2-2 David v Goliath. But, Nick and Lyrsa seem to have connected with Mr. Schneebly which leaves Angelina out in the cold. (See what I did there? Cause, you know the jacket thing?) Anyway - who knows what will happen there, but if they lose the challenge, it'll probably be time to play "It's anyone but Angelina."

The green tribe. Yes, the exalted green tribe. Mayor Nitro rules this tribe with a kind and gentle fist. Looking to create a mini-Slamtown on Survivor Island, AB-raham Lincoln has created the best alliance in the game - The Brochachos. John has hooked up with Hot Cop Dan, the H.A.S., Christian and they are set to dominate. Not only challenges, but also the game. Also on this tribe are the little ball of anxiety, Gabby and purple Dr. Allison. The only threat to the Mayor's game right now is if Gabby turns on her womanly charm over the H.A.S. and convinces him to stick with the nerds over his new found hunky alliance mates. Complicating things are Hot Cop's 2 idols. One, everyone knows about. The other, no one knows about. Yet - he's not the brightest star in the Survivor sky, so it's only a matter of time.

Seeing as the name of tonight's episode features Brochachos - we can expect to see a lot of the green tribe, which will suit all the Slamtonians as we all feel that Johnny Nitro has not gotten near the screen time that he deserves. I feel like we're all caught up now - let's get to the action!

We begin the episode with a new day at the purple tribe. Lyrsa's not feeling Angelina and her love for jackets. Like, she's really annoyed by the tribe even talking about it. Mike and Nick are totally on board with Lyrsa. As I said in the intro, Angelina's toast.

Time to check in with Slamtown. The H.A.S. (Christian, if you're not keeping up) is giving us a lesson in spear fishing. He has apparently never worn any of the gear nor has he ever tried to spear fish. While he gives a great tutorial, he comes up empty.

Probst Sighting! There seems to be a bit of unhappiness to see the new purple tribe and we get right into the reward challenge. The challenge has a player attached to a huge bag of coconuts. The rest of the tribe will help them maneuver over obstacles to collect rings. Then it's carnival ring toss time. Kara and Dr. Allison sit out for their respective tribes. Winner gets a bunch of spices, a cutlery set and 10 vegetable kabobs. Second place gets 2 kabobs.

Orange and green jump out to big leads but purple catches up and all tribes are on the ring toss. Dan hits for Slamtown. Nick hits for purple. Davie hits for orange. We're tied at 1, playing to 4. The Mayor hits one and Nick is right behind. Hot Cop hits ring #3 and then ring #4. There will be a feast in Slamtown tonight!!! Davie makes a run at it, but Nick secures second place for purple. Orange goes back to camp hungry!

As we head to break, Mike has now been spooked and is reconsidering aligning with Angelina as he's afraid of the implications of voting off another original Goliath.

We come back from break as the Slamtonians celebrate their victory. Hot Cop's loving life. He misses Kara, but he's thrilled with the new tribe and his indoctrination of Christian into the Brochachos. Christian is really soaking this up. He's never been a cool guy. He's never in the loop. And to be part of the group with John and Dan - he's just very excited.

Gabby is really feeling on the outs right now, so she seeks out Dr. Purple. Gabby has another breakdown as she feels like no one is really talking strategy with her. This seems to work on Allison and she feels that she can really trust Gabby. She tells Gabby that she wants to stick with the guys, but that a blindside of Dan might be something the tribe needs.

Now it's time to see the orange tribe after their loss. Elizabeth is having a hard time with serious back pain. The tribe has been talking about trying to split the bamboo at the base of the shelter for days, but no one's done anything about it. Well, the time for doing has arrived.

As she and Kara work on the bamboo, Davie and Carl point out that this is an all day job that they started in the middle of the day. She won't be done by nightfall. She doesn't seem to care and is really irritated by them. She hates 2 things. Steers and...Oh sorry, wrong show. Lazy people and stupid people. That's what she said.

Elizabeth continues to work and is very obviously pissed off. She breaks down a bit with the tribe. She tells them about her back issues from prior to the game. She's in pain and was upset that they started to take apart the work she was doing without having a group discussion. Davey and Carl are quick to call her on that, as they were not involved in a discussion to start taking the bed apart.

While this is happening, Kara is seeing the cracks in the David alliance she was searching for. Carl confirms to us that he just doesn't get along with Elizabeth and that if orange goes to tribal, he will have to target Elizabeth. And that is how quickly you can go from looking like a front runner in the game to "It's Anyone But...". One blowup is all it takes sometimes.

We come back from break to our 2nd Probst Sighting! Today's Immunity Challenge will have the tribe carrying a 4 person saucer and filling it up with water. They'll have to then move through a series of obstacles and dump the water into a well. Once the well is full, puzzle pieces will drop and they'll solve the puzzle inside the saucer. Gabby sits out for green and Elizabeth sits out for orange.

The Slamtonians are very quick to master this challenge and drop their puzzle pieces ridiculously fast. Dr. Allison and Christian get to work on the puzzle. Purple is in trouble as orange drops pieces and Kara and Alec get to work on the puzzle. Purple's an absolute mess. They're tired. They're taking rests and they keep dumping their water. Christian and Allison are killing it on the puzzle with orange right behind. And just like that, Slamtown wins immunity.

Orange is working it out, but purple is a complete disaster and to punctuate it, they actually dropped the saucer of water. Mike totally blew this challenge. If challenge performance means anything, he'd be the vote. Orange completes their puzzle and purple will head to Tribal.

We come back and it's time to play, actually, this one is probably up for grabs. I think the only safe person on this tribe is Nick. I could make an argument to get rid of any one of the other 3. Mike is expecting a merge soon and everything is even up right now. 7 Goliath and 7 David. This vote could be absolutely huge moving forward.

Angelina is trying to work with Lyrsa who is totally blown away that Angelina would even try to work with her after the jacket thing. Lyrsa says she's sticking with Nick, which now has Angelina bound and determined to get Nick on her side to get Lyrsa out. Mike agrees, TO HER, that no one wants to go to rocks. But I can honestly see him sticking with Nick and Lyrsa here.

Lyrsa goes to work on Mike. Angelina goes to work on Nick. To their credit, Mike and Nick both follow Survivor rule #1. "If someone asks you if you are a God, you say 'Yes'." Nick confirms to us that he was just placating Angelina and he will talk to Mike to decide what to do. Both Nick and Mike have the same read on Angelina. They don't trust her. But he's worried about the implications on the rest of the Goliath tribe if he makes that move. I understand that logic, but we're 17 days in. There is no way the Davids will stay together for another 3 weeks. Hear me? No Way!

Tribal features a lot of talk about trust and loyalty and plans. Angelina makes it pretty clear that she's sticking with Goliath and that she wants to work with Nick. Lyrsa makes it pretty clear that she wants to stick with Nick. Nick is all about trust and he's already told us he doesn't trust Angelina. Mike is very vague with his answers, which I'm sure is by design. Honestly, this was a very boring Tribal. We see Angelina vote for Lyrsa and we see Lyrsa vote for Angelina. I really think this is slam dunk Angelina vote, but I could be wrong. Let's see what the Rock Stars do here.

First vote - Lyrsa. Second vote - Angelina. Third vote - Lyrsa. Looks like it's a done deal. And the 7th person voted out of Survivor: David vs Goliath - Lyrsa. All in all, this was a great move for Angelina, a pretty good move for Mike and a "no choice" move for Nick. His only choice was a 50/50 rock draw with Mike. And who comes out to Survivor to play a 50/50 game on day 17? No one, that's who. With Mike not flipping, Nick had to stick with him. Time will tell if putting trust in Angelina comes back to bite them in the ass.

Next time on Survivor: David and Kim come back from Disney. I go back to the Slamtown Gazette. The merge is upon us. The new tribe color is sky blue. Angelina proclaims herself a strategic mastermind and targets Christian as the "heart of the Davids". Alec seems to have other thoughts as he approaches Christian to start a secret alliance. One thing's for sure, the merge always provides excitement and the Mayor of Slamtown is sitting pretty as we get into the individual part of the game. Until next time, kids, take care!