Survivor: Ghost Island Recap
By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower
June 4, 2018

We'll miss you?

Previously on Survivor, the bad guys continued their progress to an eventual win. Dom and Wendell have been dominant for some time. Their primary opponent had been an athlete/alpha male named Chris, whom they frankly overestimated in the game. Then again, there wasn’t anyone that much better. The unavoidable truth this year is that it has been a season full of thoroughly mediocre players. Maybe six of them have been memorable, and only half of those remain in the game.

With Kellyn gone, all Dom and Wendell need to do is drop whichever players they believe are most threatening. They both have idols yet to play. Yawn.

Probst tries to build high drama. Isn’t he cute? I mean, look at those dimples!

Back from the Kellyn vote, Dom wonders why Donathan went crazy. I mean, why in the world would he try to start something up when two guys are totally controlling the game?

Sebastian talks about how he’s been helping the big boys, but he’s a big boy too! It’s time to make a move! Ha ha!

Cue Wendell and Dom talking with Laurel about voting for Sebastian. WHAT?

Oh, well. Since it’s Immunity Challenge time, at least this finale episode will move quickly. For the challenge, the Survivors will have to go through a maze, collecting puzzle pieces all along the way. Along with Immunity, the winner will get a steak, baked potato, and fixin’s! Jeff says the stakes are high! The Survivors see what he did, there!

The challenge is actually fairly close between Sebastian, Wendell, Laurel, and Angela. Dom is trying to get back in it. Eventually, they are all competing with each other for this automatic survival. Well, all of them except for Donathan, who is just impossibly behind.

Jeff chides Laurel and Angela for making no process. Guess what? It’s between Wendell and Dom, but Wendell wins. We quite literally yawn.

At camp, Wendell has to choose one person to join him for steak, and he chooses Sebastian as a gesture of loyalty repayment. Then, when he picks a second option, he goes with Angela just because it would be nice to spread around the wealth. Laurel rolls her eyes, while Domenick compliments the move.

Back at camp, Sebastian is wondering how the other people do puzzles so quickly. He joins Wendell and Angela for a steak dinner, which we’ll call the Sebastian Sacrificial Lamb Dinner… With Steak. It’s Sebastian’s last night to use his extra vote. It won’t matter.

Laurel is pretty mad about Wendell’s choosing their next target and a strong immunity challenger for the steak. Dom tells her he understands why Wendell chose like he did, but she’s not having any of it.

The Survivor producers try to be cute by showing conversation between Sebastian, Donathan, and Angela. We’re not that gullible, people!

Because she didn’t say a word for the last three episodes, Angela decides to go and tell Dom about Sebastian’s extra vote. He can’t believe she does it, either. Donathan then tells Laurel, who rolls her eyes. Pack your bags, Seabass! They think Dom’s going to have to play an idol. Have they even been watching this season?

While Wendell rubs himself with sand (uh, what?), Donathan talks to everyone who will listen about the fact that he will be the next target at Tribal Council. Sebastian tells Donathan that he has an extra vote, while Angela basically admits to being a mercenary. “I actually feel like I have a little bit of power right now,” she says.

She doesn’t.

Since she’s told Dom that Sebastian has an extra vote, Dom basically gives Angela some marching orders. Then, Donathan tells Laurel about the potential “Dom plan.” She agrees to it.

Sebastian’s going to be the only one who votes for Dom (twice), isn’t he?

At Tribal Council, Donathan decides to be quiet for once. So, Dom goes straight after him. “My pockets are loaded,” Dom says. He’s got the fake idol and the real idol, and he pulls both of them out.

While Dom rants about Donathan’s break from the core alliance, Chris calls Domenick “the Godfather.”

Donathan rightfully points out that he doesn’t want to be considered as a player who simply rode the coattails of two other players. Dom goes ahead and “plays” the fake idol. Over on the jury, Michael immediately picks up on the fact that it’s a fake.

There’s some talk toward Laurel about whether “the plan” is still in effect. She thinks it is.

Dom admits that his idol is a fake right before the votes are read. He’s taking a huge risk. (He’s not taking a huge risk.)

Sebastian is in fact voted out. He’s a great sport as he leaves (truly). He doesn’t even use his extra vote. You can’t fool us, Survivor editors!

Immunity Challenge time again! Chop chop! The challenge has Survivors swimming to a platform, climbing up and then down, and crawling through an obstacle course to collect yet more puzzle pieces. Obviously, the person who solves the puzzle first is guaranteed a spot in the Final Four.

Wendell takes an early lead, but Laurel, Domenick and Dom are right there with him.

Angela is also there.

Wendell is first to start his puzzle, but the other three non-Angela players aren’t far behind. Have you ever noticed how boring it is to try to describe someone putting a puzzle together? Wendell wins again. YAWN.

Dom laments Wendell’s win. He figures that every time he gets ahead of the guy in the game, Wendell manages to pass him up. Dom and Donathan talk about their possible collaboration. Dom wonders if Laurel isn’t his biggest threat. Of course she’s not. Wendell is his biggest threat, but he didn’t take an opportunity to eliminate him when he could.

Wendell’s no dummy, either. He points out to Laurel that Donathan would vote for her if she was one of the final three. She considers. The time for a big move has passed, though.

Wendell and Dom continue their alliance on. Wendell wonders who he should give his extraneous Immunity Idol to.

At Tribal Council, Probst tries to pit Wendell and Dom against each other. They smirk.

Donathan votes for Laurel. Laurel votes for Donathan. Wendell is obviously playing his “cursed” Immunity Idol for Laurel. “She reminded me of my sister,” he says.

Bye, Donathan. He’s just a truth teller. It didn’t work for him all the way to the end, but he sure earned the fandom of a lot of Survivor lovers. He’s also super sweet on the way out of the Tribal Council area, talking about how he’s super appreciative of the opportunity.

Our Final Four is Angela, Dom, Wendell, and Laurel.