Survivor: Ghost Island Recap
Sea Slug Slugger
By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower
April 19, 2018

Her only crime was being a member of Malolo.

Previously on Survivor, Chris lost the world’s worst power struggle. Also, BOP’s Jim Van Nest wanted us to watch Chris do some sort of rap performance at Ponderosa. We didn’t watch because we took Wendell’s advice. Also, Jim’s kind of a terrible friend.

“This is the worst thing I’ve ever heard! You’ve got to listen!”

Also, we’re warning you in advance that the episode description lists an eating challenge. Don’t expect us to pay close attention to it.

Fair warning: Dom’s gonna be unbearable tonight. Well, more so.

Libby’s freaking out because her name has come up three times at Tribal Council. She knows she needs to keep her eyes open for some sort of advantage to help her. For what it’s worth, Angela and Desiree were the two who voted for her this time. Since they had a deal with Kellyn to all vote for Libby, they should perhaps be concerned about deals unraveling.

By the way, Libby would have gone home last night if Chris had played his idol.

Dom worries that he came on too strong at Tribal Council, so he plans to take a step back over the next few days and not appear as if he’s running things.

That’s fine, because Wendell actually IS the one running things. He knows he has a core group including himself, Dom, Laurel and Donathan. Wendell worries that Laurel might be losing faith, so he has a quick chat with her to reassure her. We’re pretty sure Laurel has stars in her eyes for Wendell, so he’s likely worrying over nothing here. He does reinforce their relationship by telling her that he has an Immunity Idol. Alas, that DOES concern her, because she wonders why he didn’t tell her sooner.

She wonders if Dom and Wendell have too much power. Ooh, Wendell, you came on too strong, buddy.

Reward Challenge time. Two teams will race across a floating bridge. Once they cross, there is a slingshot that will launch sandbags. First team to knock down their target wins. Winners get a taco feast with margaritas. They also get to send someone from the losing team to Ghost Island.

Purple team is Angela, Donathan, Chelsea, Wendell, Laurel, and Libby.

Orange is Dom, Michael, Kellyn, Jenna, Desiree, and Sebastian.

Wendell is first to knock down a target, but Dom follows soon after. Laurel hits for Purple Team, but Sebastian is off the mark multiple times. The slingshot is too strong for Donathan, and the team calls him back. Michael misses, while Angela misses and goes back to the platform for Purple. In fact, everyone goes for Purple, allowing Wendell to go back to the slingshot. He knocks it out. Laurel goes next, and she has taken control for Purple.

Dom almost makes it close, but Wendell takes them down to their final target. After a fatigued Laurel misses, he returns and wins the challenge for them.

Since Purple won’t be able to come to a unanimous decision, the other team draws rocks. Jenna is the one headed to Ghost Island. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get to play any Ghost Island games. All that happens for her is a night alone.

Libby figures the reward gives her a chance to strengthen her bonds with some of her non-allies. She and her Purple cohorts go to the Tiki Taco Hut and enjoy some delicious eats. Angela and Chelsea tell Libby that the reason her name has been written down is because she and Michael are considered a power couple, which is bullshit. It’s basically just because she and Michael are the strongest of the remaining original Malolo (and Angela likes Michael).

Of course, with Chris gone, the next vote is pretty well is up for grabs. There’s some discussion about Wendell and Dom having too much power, and Michael suggests that Wendell should go next because Dom really has no influence over other players.

Angela stirs up some crap after Michael brings this up. She basically tells EVERYONE what he said, which pisses everyone off. All of the original Naviti consider Michael an easy vote.

Michael’s smart. Will he catch on that he’s in danger? He can put an idol in play if so.

Probst is back, which means we’ll be doing a lot of fast forwarding through the gross food challenge.

This is a repeat of the Season One gross food-eating challenge. Let’s just say that it’s gross. Eventually, we’re down to Angela, Michael and Sebastian as the final three. They have to eat sea slugs. Gag.

No, really, gag.

Michael and Angela will duel in the final round. We will duel with our stomachs not to barf.

Their final meal is mother-of-pearl. It involves a lot of meat. Gross meat. We fast forward more.

Michael puts up a valiant effort, but Angela is super nasty and wins Immunity.

He needed this win, though. We’ll see if he’s savvy enough to play his idol after this round of “It’s Anyone But Michael.”

Uh oh. He feels good about his Wendell blindside plan. C’mon, man.

Chelsea suggests that they should split the votes between Michael and Libby in case Michael has an idol. Savvy.

Michael makes the point that if Original Naviti splits the vote, they could get rid of Wendell tonight. The problem is that Donathan and Laurel are in an alliance with Wendell. Laurel is considering very carefully, because she’s smart.

She and Donathan discuss it, and Donathan wonders if they shouldn’t get rid of a Naviti to even up the numbers some. He’s got a solid alliance, though, so we’re not sure he needs to worry much yet. People perceive him as weak, so he’s not going to be a target.

He’s strategic, though. He tells Libby that the vote is being split between her and Michael. Wendell and Dom wonder about Laurel and Donathan.

Why are we talking about this? It’s going to be Michael, unless he plays his idol. If he does, it will be Libby.

At Tribal Council, Probst brings out Chris, who OF COURSE is a finger guns guy.

Not much happens here, except that Wendell is revealed a bit as a mastermind. He also strokes Chris’s ego, which is a smart play for the end game.

Remember when we said Michael is smart? He reads the room right, so he plays his idol. Bye, Libby. He has done exactly what Chris should have done in the last Tribal Council. The only difference is that no one yelled, “I’m voting for you.”

Sorry, Libby. She was just on the wrong side of the numbers. Even worse, she’s going to have to spend time at Ponderosa with Chris. We hope she has noise-cancelling headphones.