Survivor: HHH - Episode 6 Recap
This Is Why You Play Survivor
By Jim Van Nest
November 7, 2017

Never trust the little guy.

Hello good people and welcome back to Survivor: HHH! We're on episode 6 now and I'd expect this to be the last episode before the merge. And with the merge looming, things could get crazy up in here. Last week saw Dr. Mike and Jessica find an idol, Devon and Ashley make a "got to rocks" pact and Ryan spurned Day 1 ally, Ali, in favor of Secret Super Idol buddy, Chrissy by sending lone Healer Roark home. So, things already went a little wacka-doodle last week and I'd expect this week to continue the trend.

Previews suggest some explosive fallout following Ryan's betrayal of Ali. We'll see if Ryan and his super-duper social game can smooth this one over and repair ties with his once ride or die partner. We also got a glimpse of Cole apparently passing out and falling into the shelter and the sand of Yawa Beach. Very reminiscent of Joey Amazing falling out in the middle of a challenge a few seasons ago. So, it looks like we'll have a lot to unpack tonight, so let's get right to it.

As expected, we begin the episode at Soko Beach following Roark's boot. Ali goes right after Ryan not worrying about doing it in front of Chrissy and JP. Her argument is that they're so close; he could have told her what his plan was. He counters with the fact that she and Roark had gotten too close. He says he trusts Ali, but didn't trust Roark. Ultimately, Ali is really upset and hurt that her closest ally in the game turned on her without even a conversation. Their conversation just gets more and more heated as they go. This was actually something that could have been salvaged, but at this point, Ali is ready to move on alone and Ryan is saying that Ali might have to be the next to go. Yes, it escalated that quickly

Day 15 dawns at Yawa Beach and Dr. Mike is fishing. He is completely living the dream out there. Found an idol, caught and cleaned a fish. The cooking part, however, not so good as he drops the fish into the fire. He does dig it out and then shares his teeny little fish with everyone. Ben points out to us that while Mike is sharing his little fish, Cole will catch big fish and eat the whole thing. Which leads us into a situation where the tribe wants to wait to cook some rice, but Cole is starving and really thinks they should go ahead and eat. Lauren cuts him off, which doesn't sit too well. After his plea to eat more food, he's essentially shot down by Lauren telling him that they can't just feed him. Considering what we've already seen in the previews, I have a feeling someone is going to be feeling pretty shitty here in a little bit. Cole and Jessica head to the beach and Ben, Lauren and Mike start to bro down over getting rid of Cole. Lauren is thrilled to tell us that Dr. Mike seems to be coming around to how bad they need to get rid of Cole. Roll those credits!

We come back from break to our first Probst sighting! Today's reward challenge will have 2 people using 2 long poles to carry a buoy over a teeter totter. Once through, the buoy will release a boat. They'll take the boat out to a big slingshot where they'll need to knock down 2 targets. First tribe to finish wins a pizza party of 10 pizzas. Second tribe to finish wins a pizza. Last place - got nothin' for ya! Mike will be sitting out for the Yawa tribe.

Ashley and Desi start off rocking this challenge, but right at the end, they drop their ball. Ben and Cole have some trouble as well while JP and Ali absolutely kill it. Ben and Cole make it through with the buoy while Desi and Ashley keep dropping the ball. Soko is way in the lead, but they forgot to untie one of the knots on the boat allowing Yawa to catch up. Desi and Ashley finally get through...but it might be too late. JP and Ben are shooting for their respective tribes. While Ben and JP miss, Levu has caught up. Lots of shots, lots of misses. Finally JP hits a target. Then Ben hits a target. JP wisely waits out a whole bunch of waves and knocks down target #2 to win reward. And right behind him, Ben hits his target to earn a pizza. Levu never got in the game. As we head to break, JP tells us how much his tribe needs him to keep winning these challenges. With a merge around the corner, dude, challenge prowess is just about to become a liability. Better watch out.

We come back from break to a Soko Pizza Party. They have all decided to just eat a whole pizza each without slicing it. Ryan tells us about what a stud JP is in the challenges and then mentions how we're about to get individual and that's not good to keep around. He tells us that it might be a good idea to take out the big physical threat right before the merge.

We bounce from the pizza party to the losers and check in with Levu. Joe and Desi are talking about looking for the idol on this beach. Devon and Ashley are trying to figure out if Desi would bail on Joe. They kinda don't think so and are expecting a vote to go 2-2 if they have to go to Tribal. Devon joins Joe for some crab hunting and tells us that he's concerned about Joe's ability to find idols. While they hunt, Ashley takes some time to feel out Desi. She asks Desi if she would ever consider voting out Joe. Desi, remembering Survivor Rule #1 says that she would entertain that thought. She then tells us that she only trusts that Joe will keep her around as long as it suits him. She thinks he's pretty dangerous and is actually thinking of taking him out, should Levu go back to Tribal. Even with Devon watching over him, Joe manages to find the clue to the Blue idol. It is also by the well, but it's only 4 feet away and Joe is planning to get an idol later tonight.

The sun goes down and while everyone sleeps, Joe is over at the well digging for an idol. This time he doesn't want ANYone to know he has it. After a bit of digging, Joe has found his 2nd idol of the season. Which means that a Desi flip might mean absolutely nothing.

We come back from commercial to the Yawa tribe on Day 16. Ben's walking on the beach and everyone else is in the shelter. Cole stands up and then, as we saw in the preview, he goes down. Hard. He wakes up and is totally confused as to what happens. Thankfully, Mike's a doctor and Jessica's a nurse practitioner, so they were right there to take care of him. Jessica tells us that in that moment she realized she has more feelings for him than she might have thought and that she's not ready for him to leave the game. Dr. Mike, however, sees that as a potential weakness moving forward. He does not like the idea of having to carry him through the rest of the game. Ben and Mike take some time and make a deal that it's time to dump Cole if they lose the challenge.

Speaking of which, it's time for a Probst Sighting! Today's challenge will have each person pulling a rope holding up a disc. They'll take turns stacking up blocks to spell Immunity. If their stack falls, they'll have to start over. This is normally an individual challenge, modified to work as a group. This is going to be way more difficult that it looks. Oh yeah, and as they're holding these ropes, they're on a balance beam. Ryan and the Soko tribe are the first to drop their stack. Levu and Yawa ae on their 6th block, but as Desi moves in for block 7, Levu drops. And right after that, Ryan drops for Soko again. Cole places the last block but before he can get back to his place, the whole stack drops. Levu and Soko are now tied in the lead on the 5th block. Levu and Soko are up to 7, while Yawa gets #5. Devon and JP place the last letter and have to get back. Yawa has caught up amazingly as Jessica places the last block. All 3 have all blocks stacked. It's a race to the finish and Jessica gets back first and wins immunity. And right after, Soko loses their stack opening it up for Levu to win that second immunity. Soko headed back to Tribal Council tonight. As we head to break, Ali tells us that her blow up after the last Tribal has her worried about her place tonight. Is it wrong that I really want her and Ryan to patch it up and move forward? Probably, but I don't care. Make it happen, people!

We come back from break to play a game of "It's Anyone But Ali...or Maybe JP". JP tells us that Ali has to go. Ryan, however, tells us that he thinks it might be time to get rid of JP. Ryan and JP agree that it's Ali's time to go...but Ryan wants to patch things up with Ali. He tells her that he really does have her back. They discuss how JP is a huge threat moving into the individual game. Ali wants to talk to Chrissy and see if she can get her to her side. The girls seem to bond over the fact that the merge is coming and that JP will be huge after the merge. Ali offers to take her trust from Ryan and put it in Chrissy. She tells us that she really needs to talk to Ryan to see what he wants to do. Ryan has the line of the episode when he says, "I don't know why they want to work with me, I'm a weasel." As they head to Tribal, it really is a decision between Ali and JP.

Ryan talks to Jeff about the tension between him and Ali over the Roark vote. Ali tells him that she was upset but they talked about it and seem to have swept it under the rug. Jeff brings the talk around to booting the strong people before the merge. JP's answer is a cliché laden sports interview that tells us absolutely nothing. And to his credit, Jeff calls him out on it. Everyone discusses how JP has very little outward game and that he is actually a scary person to have out there. Ali states one more time how nervous she is and how she really hopes that she was able to mend fences. And with that, it's time to vote.

We see JP's vote for Ali saying that she has her game and he has his and we'll see who wins. Perfect JP-ism. We also see Ali's vote for JP saying we have to get rid of the strong. And Jeff will go tally the votes. I think this will be as straightforward as it gets. I think JP is toast. First vote, Ali. Second vote JP. Third vote Ali. And I'm wrong. The 6th person voted out of Survivor: HHH - Ali. WOW!! While I'm surprised by the result, I really think this was the only move for Ryan after last week. When the merge does come, sure JP is a threat to win immunity. Ali, on the other hand, was guaranteed to flip on Ryan as soon as she got the chance. It's a common mistake in this game. People get to looking forward so much that they miss the play that's right in front of them. What good is it to get rid of the challenge beast if it's the really smart girl - that you pissed off - that takes you out? I didn't agree with Ryan's play last week, but since he made it, he had to follow it up with sending Ali home. That being said, I hate to see Ali go and I really hope she gets another chance to play. She has a great game in her and I hope she gets the chance to see it through.

Next time on Survivor: As expected, it's the merge! And it looks like it will be an absolute free for all. Ben and Mike seem to be targeting Cole. Devon gets back with Ryan. Joe gets back with Cole. Whatever happens, next week should be an absolute blast as all the old alliances see if they still exist over the new alliance. Til then, kids, thanks for reading and take care!