Friday Box Office Analysis
By Tim Briody
September 2, 2017

Charles is often wrong but in this case, he's right.

So, um, this weekend never happened. You got that? NEVER HAPPENED.

With Hollywood taking a pass on Labor Day weekend and no strong August performer to carry the banner, we’ve got one of the worst box office weekends of the modern era. The number one film (and least likely three weekend champion in a long time) is The Hitman’s Bodyguard, with $2.4 million. The 23.3% Friday-to-Friday drop saves this weekend from the worst performance by a #1 movie since 1997. With a moderately buffed Sunday thanks to the holiday weekend, it’s looking at $8 million for the weekend, but you’ll probably read some headlines claiming $10 million when you add in Monday (which will probably be overestimated).

Elsewhere, it’s very ugly. The only “new” release is the 40th anniversary rerelease of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which places ninth on Friday with $485,000. The good news here is this is going to beat the re-release of Terminator 2: Judgment Day from last weekend (see, because this past week was the 20th anniversary of Judgment Day from the movie), the bad news is it will do so with a bit over $1 million. Even the expanding and well received Wind River is essentially flat from last Friday after adding another 500 screens or so, with $1.5 million on Friday (up 4%), so it’s looking at $4.7 million for the weekend.

Other than that folks, I got nothing. See you next week.