Friday Box Office Analysis
By Tim Briody
August 26, 2017

We'll need to find a worse measurement for next weekend.

It’s the worst box office weekend of 2017, and the worst in a few years as three newcomers are met with crickets, giving The Hitman’s Bodyguard an unlikely second weekend at the top.


The top new release on Friday is The Weinstein Company’s Leap! with just $1.6 million. That places it third on Friday. Something is terribly wrong. The minimal marketing (a TWC trademark now, it seems) is what’s keeping it from doing much better, not that this movie had a high ceiling to begin with. We’ll go with a $5.4 million weekend.

Birth of the Dragon

Your other new release that made the top ten on Friday (All Saints placed 12th on Friday with $575,000) was BH Tilt release Birth of the Dragon, with $1.1 million in seventh place (although it’s got the fewest screens of anything in the top ten wit 1,617). Something is terribly wrong. $3 million here seems about right.

Notable Holdovers

Despite falling 60% from last Friday to $3.1 million, The Hitman’s Bodyguard ends up on top for a second weekend, thanks to the charisma of its leads. Here’s the only interesting thing this weekend: It’s on pace for a second weekend of $10 million. But should it fall short, we’re looking at the first sub-$10 million weekend champion since September 2012. Yikes. And things are potentially much worse next weekend. Something is terribly wrong.