The 12 Days of Box Office: Day 6
By Kim Hollis
December 28, 2016

That's a lot of bacon.

The holiday merriment at the box office continued on Tuesday as despite the fact that Tuesday was no longer a holiday for many, people who are on vacation made the most of their time by spending it in a movie theater. Consider that the top 12 movies yesterday earned almost $70 million. That's almost as much as the entire weekend of December 9th - 11th.

Obviously, the movie that was once again leading the way was Rogue One: A Star Wars story, although the gap between it and second place dropped significantly. Rogue One was down 30% from its Monday total as it earned $22.1 million, bringing its cumulative domestic total to a stellar $340.6 million. It's currently the seventh biggest earner of the year in North America, but will have passed Zootopia to move up another spot by the time you read this.

Kid-targeted flicks, including Sing, Moana and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, had the best holdover of any films in the top 12. Sing was down just 11% from its "holiday" Monday total, adding $17.5 million more to its coffers. That brings the animated version of American Idol up to $93.1 million after seven days in theaters. Clearly, Illumination Entertainment knows how to create films that appeal to a wide segment of the population, as they've been able to turn Despicable Me, Secret Life of Pets, and now this project into gold. The magic of the holiday season at the box office will benefit this film perhaps more than any other in release.

Speaking of films that take advantage of the season, Disney's Moana was the only film in the top 12 to show an increase, albeit very slight, from its Monday total. With an additional $4.8 million for its domestic coffers, Moana is quickly approaching the $200 million mark. Nothing wrong with that.

Passengers, the critically reviled Jennifer Lawrence/Chris Pratt sci-fi film, was able to add $5.9 million to its domestic total, bringing its tally to $35.9 million. Sony had to be hoping for more from this one given the pedigree of its stars and the Christmas season release, but the first step in having a successful project is making sure it's a good film. Passengers had a $110 million budget, so it's sure to be a disappointment for the studio.

The holiday losers include Assassin's Creed, which earned $3.5 million yesterday and now has a domestic total of $25.8 million. It's doing better than Why Him?, which managed $3.4 million to bring its tally to $19 million. At least Why Him? had a budget of just $38 million, far lower than the $125 million Assassin's Creed is up against. They'll have some level of holiday inflation, but not enough.

Finally, awards contenders Fences and La La Land bolstered their cases by continuing to perform well. Fences made $3.1 million yesterday, and is approaching $15 million, while La La Land took in $2.6 million and is coming up on the $20 million mark despite only being out to 734 locations.