Friday Box Office Analysis
By Tim Briody
February 27, 2016

I beat gods? How exciting!


For its third weekend Deadpool is again both the #1 film and much more interesting to discuss than any of the openers. The runaway smash wins Friday easily with another $9 million. It’s Academy Awards weekend, which generally surpresses Sunday, but even still, by the end of the weekend Deadpool will be in sniffing distance of $300 million, a fact that seemed very unlikely a month ago. Look for a third weekend of $28.9 million.

Gods of Egypt

And now we have an early contender for biggest flop of the year. With a reported $140 million budget, supposed action-adventure epic Gods of Egypt lands with just $4.7 million on Friday. That’s…not good, and there’s no way to sugar coat it. Add in some savage reviews and a weak Sunday incoming and you pretty much have a worst case scenario. Give Gods of Egypt an opening weekend of $12.6 million.

Triple 9

The cop thriller with a surprisingly impressive cast could only muster $2 million on the weekend, which means Triple 9 won’t even manage a single 9 at the box office this weekend (at least in the millions column, nitpickers). A weekend of around $5.4 million is about the best it could hope for.

Eddie the Eagle.

The feel-good story of the agony of defeat places well out of medal position, much like its subject. Despite strong reviews, Eddie the Eagle earned only $1.9 million on Friday. It’ll pass Triple 9 on the weekend but I’m sure Hugh Jackman won’t mind having to answer a few more questions about Wolverine to avoid talking about this box office disappointment. We’ll go with a weekend of $5.7 million.