Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance Power Rankings
Week before the Finale
By Ben Willoughby
December 15, 2015

How can I not win this, right?

Previously on Survivor, the we’s reigned supreme - but no one seemed to know for sure who was in which “we.” The jury got to see Abi get voted out, but their excitement with the result lasted about as long as it took them to realize she would be coming back to live with them at Ponderosa. For her part, Abi gained a lot of “personal growth” and said she was “happy not to be with those crazy people any more.” I guess if you have Abi’s perspective, every sane person appears crazy.

Six are left and the finale is tonight, so who is going to win?

1. Spencer

Spencer thinks he has a lot of options. He was angling for a final three with Keith and Kelley, Jeremy and Tasha think they have a final three deal with him, and he probably has a final three deal with everyone else who made the jury. In interview, Spencer revealed that he would love to go to the end with Keith and Abi, but he seems to have gone along with Tasha’s notion that only players and no goats should make it to the end, out of “respect for the fans.” Barf!

Spencer’s played a good game so far. He made a poor alliance choice early on with Shirin, but was able to recover back into a power position in the game. His big move was to steal Fishbach’s moment of triumph, which got rid of the other Survivor nerd in the game. He has won two individual immunities, but for some reason it is Keith who is labelled the new “golden boy.” If Spencer gets to sit in front of the jury, he’s going to have a clear case to present. Expect to hear a lot of "this is how I used my second chance."

2. Kelley

If Spencer, Jeremy and Tasha stick together, their competitors are two goats and Kelley, so the target should be pretty obvious. However, Kelley should be safe at the next vote thanks to a second immunity idol that no one knows about. My dream scenario of all the votes going to Kelley and Jeremy and both playing their immunity idols could still play out!

Kelley made one big move this season, but it was the best one – a surprise idol play that sent Savage to the jury and kept her in the game. If she is able to make another move like that with her remaining idol, she’ll have a good case for the “outwit” part of the game. Outplay and outlast? *makes hand-wavy motion*

3. Jeremy

Jeremy is still fishing for jury votes, this week underlining the old Hunahpu links between him, Kelley and Keith back in their Blood vs Water season. These bonds were so obviously strong that he hasn’t allied with either one of them. Jeremy spent most of last episode suffering from buyer’s remorse, but Kimmi and Tasha voting for Abi should reassure him that there’s no all-girls’ alliance yet.

Jeremy’s been decent all season, but it is hard to point to anything he has done that makes him worthy of winning the game. His biggest “move” was to save Fishbach, a choice which messed up several people’s plans and was pointless anyway because Fishbach was gone soon at the very next vote. (Still if Fishbach had gone, Jeremy might have gone next). He still has one immunity idol left and only one remaining Tribal Council at which he can play it, so he had better play it well.

4. Tasha

Tasha can make it to the end, but she knows that in order to win she needs to make a public move in the game. I think she's certainly made a lot of subtle moves throughout the game, such as her Abi-wrangling to get her and Savage out of trouble when they were on Angkor, and convincing Spencer (at least for this vote) that only people who deserve to be there should make it to the end. "Only the deserving": convincing the gullible since Colby Donaldson in Season 2! But Tasha needs a move that is unambiguously hers, and even said as much to Jeremy, saying that he needs to let her make a move. The implication is that if Jeremy doesn’t let her make a move in the game, she will end up making a move against Jeremy.

5. Kimmi

Over 30 days in and Kimmi’s biggest move was convincing everyone to get rid of Monica, and no one on the jury is going to care about that. Kimmi’s been involved in strategy discussions and alliances from the beginning of the game, but I think everyone else thinks they can easily beat her in front of a jury. I also think they're right.

6. Keith

Keith was out of the loop on the vote for Joe – which means my take that he was being crafty was too charitable. Occam's razor says he just didn’t know what was going on. It's one thing to be on the wrong side of a vote, but to not know who anyone else is voting for - on Day 32 - is just bad. Then after winning the reward challenge, he had no real logic in taking Spencer along and plum forgot Tasha’s name, even though he had voted for her a day ago. “Is he really that slow?” asked Tasha in interview. He certainly seems to be.

Keith has played pretty much the same game as he did in his first season – competitive in challenges, loyal to his allies and clueless in the strategic and social parts of the game. No one dislikes Keith, but he’s a good person to take to the end, because you know there’s no way he could articulate why he deserves the title of Sole Survivor.

Next time on Survivor, it’s the finale! Unless we end up with a final four (don’t even think about it, Probst!), it means that we’re going to have three eliminations! And even better, no time at all for the Walk of Fallen Survivor Castaways. There’ll also be a Reunion episode, which will be awful as usual.