The Amazing Race Season 27 Power Rankings
By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower
December 11, 2015

One of these teams is not like the other.

We’ve come to the end of the road. At long last, the 27th season of The Amazing Race is drawing to a close. Much as we have expected through the entire season, Justin & Diana and Kelsey & Joey are two of the three final teams competing for the million dollars. We might not have been able to anticipate the presence of Logan & Chris, but it’s not like it was easy to choose between all the terrible teams once Tanner & Josh were eliminated. Congratulations to them for being the best of the worst.

Our previous leg actually saw some real drama, as Justin & Diana struggled with cab drivers and clue specificity. Not only did they get lost, which put them well behind the other three teams, but they also incurred a 55 minute penalty. They’re only still in the Race by virtue of a terrible Roadblock performance from Krista, who required five tries to complete the challenge compared to everyone else, who only needed one.

So now we head to the end. How do our teams stack up?

1) Justin & Diana

Yes, they had a terrible leg last week, which means they’re starting in last place. But the numbers don’t lie. They’ve won seven out of 11 legs. They finished in second twice. Justin & Diana thoroughly prepared for The Amazing Race. Justin is a legitimate super fan (it’s difficult to tell whether Diana is a huge fan or if she loves it because it’s Justin’s thing, but that’s because she’s reserved in her emotions). If ever there seemed to be a team of destiny, #TheGreenTeam is it.

That’s not to say that it’s a clear path to the championship for them. That last leg put all their foibles on display. Primary amongst these is that when things go wrong, they both tend to melt down. When this happens, they’re like a lower level Logan & Chris, arguing and taking shots at each other. Justin in particular doesn’t deal well with adversity. He truly expects to win, and while that confidence has usually propelled them, it proved problematic last week when he disregarded the clue when two different people highlighted the fact that the Kowloon ferry isn’t the same as the Hong Kong ferry.

Still, the last time that they dealt with adversity (the first leg), Justin & Diana made it their mission to be better than ever. This determination led them to become the easy front-runner for most of the season, and there’s no reason to change that opinion now. Everyone knows they’re the team to beat. We expect to seem them come charging strong out of the gate. The only potential pitfall for them is Justin’s obsession with tying the record. They just need to focus on doing everything right.

2) Kelsey & Joey

Perennial runners-up Kelsey & Joey are pretty darned good at the Race. They just haven’t shown us that they can win.

Throughout the course of the Race, #TheReporters have had great chemistry and have never been prone to making mistakes. They read their clues carefully and make sure that all instructions are being followed to the letter. They’ve been remarkably good at choosing the best options in Detours, and they have (wisely) never made an enemy of other teams. Instead, they let the arguments happen around them while rising above the fray.

The problem, of course, is that they have never won a leg. In fact, they’ve finished in second place five times in a row now. Even when Justin & Diana fell behind, they couldn’t beat #ThePaparazzi. It’s time to show us what you can do, Kelsey & Joey. Is second place the best you can do?

3) Logan & Chris

Yes, they won the leg last week. That is truly the only thing positive we can say about these two.

Throughout the entire Race, watching #ThePaparazzi has been absolute misery for the viewer. They fight constantly – and when we say constantly, we truly mean that their scenes are filled with never-ending barrages of “shut up” and “don’t look at me” and “don’t tell me what to do.” We have no idea how it’s possible for the two of them to still be a couple.

Along with the bickering, their attitudes are really unpleasant, too. They get easily discouraged, they occasionally misread clues, they argue about the best way to complete challenges (slowing them down), and they can be directionally challenged.

If Logan & Chris win, they’ll join Amy & Maya (the candy scientists) and the Fabulous Beekman Boys in the “worst winners” circle.