The Amazing Race Season 27 Power Rankings
By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower
November 27, 2015


Well, we thought there wasn't an episode tonight as our TiVo didn't show The Amazing Race at its normal time. Instead, our local CBS affiliate is airing high school football, so that shows you where priorities are in Tennessee, anyway.

We're getting close to a finish, with only five teams remaining in the game. The preview promises yet another U-Turn, which is interesting since 40% of the teams are unable to use it. It's down to #TheGreenTeam, #ThePaparazzi and #TeamAlabama to decide whether they'll U-Turn some competition. It's most likely to be used by the latter two since they're so terrible that they're prone to finish in last place without that competitive advantage. But we'll see.

Anyway, on to the power rankings, which will contain absolutely no surprises.

1. Justin & Diana (#TheGreenTeam)

Having now won six out of nine legs, Justin & Diana are bent on domination. They realize that it's nice to win all these legs, but it's even better to win a million dollars. With only one team remaining that is even slightly competitive with them, it should be smooth sailing for them to the final three. They've pretty much run this race as well as is possible to do - and that's with a really rough bit of luck in the first episode.

2. Kelsey & Joey (#TheReporters)

Look, The Amazing Race has surprised us a few times in recent seasons when a less dominant team managed to win the race. Although Kelsey & Joey aren't in the same universe as Justin & Diana, they're still worlds apart from the other three teams still running the Race. We do think part of the reason they don't get much face time is that they're spectacularly boring, which is weird since they're television personalities. But they have been quietly solid all season long, never arguing, never making mistakes, and choosing tasks that suit their abilities. It's going to be tough for them to win, but maybe #ThePaparazzi can help them out with a U-Turn of Justin & Diana. We know. It's hilarious to even pretend it could happen.

3. Logan & Chris (#ThePaparazzi)

Speaking of Logan & Chris, here they are in the top three only by virtue of the fact that the two teams below them are so pathetically awful that we have no other choice. Not only do Logan & Chris yell at each other constantly, but they've also fallen into the #TeamTexas trap of obsessing over Justin & Diana. It's pretty clear that Justin knows how to get under people's skin, but he manages to do so in a way that it plays entirely to his advantage. Some people are just like that. Anyway, we expect #ThePaparazzi to get into a fight over something stupid like who will perform a Roadblock. Also, if Chris keeps being snarky to Justin & Diana, #TheGreenTeam might just U-Turn them for the fun of it.

4. Tiffany & Krista (#TheCheerleaders)

Fourth and fifth could really go either way, but we'll give the benefit of the doubt to #TheCheerleaders, who have managed not to be entirely terrible for a few legs. As the game has moved along, they have actually gotten better, learning from their mistakes and making strategic alliances. Alas, their primary cohorts, Tanner & Josh, are gone, which is probably going to leave them a little bit demoralized. They've also inherited #TeamTexas's obsession with Justin & Diana, which will hurt them every bit as much as it will Logan & Chris.

5. Denise & James Earl (#TeamAlabama)

They have managed to win one leg (the fifth), but only because they were gifted an Express Pass (even with it, they barely beat #TheGreenTeam). Denise & James Earl have a lot of trouble with the various challenges, although James Earl is pretty solid when he's able to do things on his own. Unfortunately, Denise has to do some Roadblocks, too. She has four as opposed to James Earl's six. Along with these troubles, the two of them have a troubling habit of getting lost. They should have finished fourth in the last leg, but misunderstanding the location of the Pit Stop allowed #TheCheerleaders to pass them.

We hope that you all will be able to see the Race sooner than 1:37 a.m., as is currently our scheduled air time. Either way, be sure to visit BOP Monday for our recap.