Box Office Update: Jurassic World's Big Debut
By Kim Hollis
June 15, 2015

Wait! The margaritas are the other way!

Just as everyone expected as we headed into the weekend, we have a new opening weekend champion.

Oh, wait. No one at all anticipated or forecast this result.

After reporting an estimated Friday-to-Sunday box office number yesterday of $204.6 million (apparently estimating on the low side due to concerns that the Golden State/Cleveland NBA game would steal some of the audience), Universal came back today to inform us all that Jurassic World had an Indomimus Rex-sized debut of $208.8 million. That's about $2.4 million more than the previous champ, Avengers, and is notable as a story not just for attaining the record, but also by coming from absolutely nowhere to do it.

On May 26th, a story in Variety noted that Jurassic World was tracking for a $100 million opening. Two days before its debut on June 10th, tracking was indicating a weekend of $125 million. As Friday numbers began to come in during the afternoon, it was looking like the dinosaurs-eating-people film could blow those expectations out of the water with a $165 million debut.

And then we saw the Friday result. The film had earned nearly $82 million, including $18.5 million from Thursday sneaks. When BOP's Tim Briody analyzed the results, he boldly predicted that Jurassic World would become the opening weekend record holder by amassing an approximate total of $211 million. Turns out his instinct was right (if ever so slightly high).

On top of its domestic opening, Jurassic World also dominated the international box office. With an overseas debut of $315 million, it had no trouble becoming the first movie ever to have a worldwide opening in excess of $500 million.

The BOP staff will return tomorrow with Monday Morning Quarterback. Not only will we talk about how this amazing feat was attained, but also the ascension of Chris Pratt and Universal's big year.