The Amazing Race 24: All-Stars - Episode 11 Power Rankings
By Daron Aldridge
May 11, 2014

Preparing for more domination.

A perfect storm of Race-ending decisions converged on Jet & Cord last week. 1) Getting lost en route to the airport. 2) Trusting another team would stick to a petty plan. 3) Being on the wrong end of a U-Turn. It was just a domino effect for the cowboys and they couldn't recover. If they hadn't missed the first flight then they likely wouldn't have been behind the Afghanimals at the U-Turn. While I'm disappointed, life goes on and so does the Race.

Here's our final four teams - three earned a place here and one... not so much. Here's my rankings going into the second to last leg of season 24:

David & Connor, Team Murphy's Law/father-son: Likability and Race-ability haven't always been traits that go hand-in-hand on the Race. But there have been those teams that did achieve this. At the start of this season, this team was one of those. Sadly, that unraveled thanks to Team Fetch U-Turning them and then David & Connor showing how unlikable and ugly they can be toward another team. They tried to sell us on the fact that it was a mistake to U-Turn an "old man" and not the cowboys but look who's still here - and in first place again to boot. We all know their bitterness stems from a perceived personal affront even if they are trying to convince the other teams differently. While I don't think as highly of them as a team, the fact remains David & Connor race very well with results. Let's look at the scoreboard: Ten legs and four first place finishes for Team Murphy's Law. Not only that, they haven't finished lower than fourth place at all this season. They have been a front runner the whole season and are poised to be the first parent /child winners.

Leo & Jamal, cousins/Afghanimals: While the cousins were the ancillary members of the Brendon/Rachel-haters Club, they yielded the most power on the last leg. With the prospect of making the singers and David & Connor's vengeful dreams come true, the cousins used their heads to better THEIR game and not the whims of the alliance. While it's sad that the cowboys were the target, it was the right move and I applaud Leo & Jamal for actually playing the game to win. Like on Survivor this late in the game, do you take the person you can beat to the end or the person that you like? Add in a David-esque leg injury for Jamal and the decision was even more straightforward. "U-Turn the team that can outrun me because this season has had no shortage of sprints to the Pitstop. Side note: Hanging out with Team Murphy's Law may have rubbed off on the cousins. I am banking on the injury not being that severe and thus I put them in the number two position.

Brendon & Rachel, Team Fetch/Big Brother: The reality show vets were pleasantly surprised that their assumption was wrong and they avoided a U-Turn last week. I am amazed that the couple has kept the cool for the majority if the season with only a couple of fleeting meltdowns that they surprisingly didn't let impact them beyond the task at hand. It looked like the return of whiny Rachel was imminent with the Running with the Ballz task being so physically brutal. She devolved a few times but in her defense (and I can't believe I would ever defend Rachel Reilly), this might have been one of the most physically demanding tasks in Race history. She cried "I'm just a girl" quite a few times but once it was over, she didn't dwell on it. That's definitely improvement and they have been more watchable this season, but I suspect they are fated to another third place finish overall.

Jennifer & Caroline, singers: Like horses in a country song, coattails must be ridden and these singers have done that all the way to final four. Seriously, I don't think there has been a team less deserving or capable of making it this far into a season...TWICE. Their eye-batting and attempts at charm helped them to finish just fourth in the previous season because Bates & Anthony decided to just focus on their own race. When that happens, the girls lose. This season they do seem to have doubled down and have convinced two teams to carry them through each legs. Don't think I'm exaggerating about that, either. It's rare that a leg doesn't involve some help thrown their way. Even last week, their alliance mates expressed regret that they couldn't help with the Speed Bump. That brings us to the fact that these horrible racers have been spared elimination twice this season. This ridiculousness has to come to an end and I hope that it happens before the final three because the cousins and daddy/son must realize it's time to focus on their Race and their Race only.

Please, oh please let me be right this week. Time to find out.

Happy Mother's Day to all.