Survivor: Cagayan - Power Rankings
Week 10
By Jim Van Nest
April 29, 2014

The Fist Bump of Trust could never lead any Survivor alliance astray.

Hello, good people, and welcome to a slightly late edition of the Survivor: Cagayan Power Rankings! Given the failure of the last couple weeks’ Rankings, I felt it was necessary to take some extra time to prepare this week's rankings.

After another misplayed idol last week (that's three so far this season), the minority alliance of Spencer, Tasha and Jeremiah took a major hit as Jeremiah took the walk of shame to Ponderosa (and a couple days’ worth of IV fluids, from what the Ponderosa Secret Scene showed us). A correctly played idol could have meant the end of the power alliance of Tony/Trish/Woo/Jefra/Kass. It also would have meant Spencer would sit atop the rankings for the second week in a row. As it is, he has to fall. And hard. Which means, we have a New #1!!!

1) Tony - Yep, there it is. He finally reached the pinnacle of success in this game – a spot atop the BOP Power Rankings. Honestly, I'm still not convinced Tony can win this game, but the threat at Tribal from Spencer, Tash and Jeremiah to vote for Tony at the end...well, that's three of the needed five votes for victory. Also, he is rockin' the Tyler Perry idol, which guarantees he won't be going home this week. My assumption is he will not even be threatened this week, which will give him at least two more weeks. Right now, he's the only one really playing the game, with a slight nod to...

2) Trish - I haven't been fond of Trish all season. I guess you could say I came down on the Lindsay side of the Trish-Lindsay feud. From what we saw, it DID look like Lindsay was essentially pushed out of the game (though, as hard as it is to get on this show, she should have sucked it up). So, I'm not a fan of some of the methods Trish has used. That being said, Trish has made two game-saving moves for her alliance. The first was pulling Kass into their alliance to turn on the Brains. The second was somehow managing to convince Jefra that being on the bottom of their alliance was better than a final four pact she had with the other side. I'm still not sure how that worked, but it did.

3) Woo - My boy Woo seems to be sitting pretty in third place right now. I think he's a real threat to win this thing, maybe even more than Tony. If he makes the end, he's got the Fabio game down pat. Everyone likes Woo and he could be seen as a favorable alternative to Tony, Trish or Kass in the final Tribal. He hasn't really burned anyone. Some will say it's because he's let the game be played around him, but if there are hard feelings and bitterness in the final jury, Woo's gung-ho personality could be just the ticket for a win.

4) Jefra - I guess I'll go Jefra here. I don't think she has any chance to win this game. I don't think anyone respects the game she's playing and her decision to stick in a bad situation instead of trying to better herself last week will not leave a good taste in the jury's mouth. They all left the game trying to play it and they just watched Jefra have an opportunity to change the game (as well as her own fortunes) and flush it. She chickened out of making the big move, all because Tony promised not to do it again. Seriously?

5) Tasha - Tasha stays off the bottom for two reasons. 1) She's become a challenge beast, winning the last two Immunity Challenges. 2) The alliance doesn't fancy her as a huge threat, like Spencer. I'm actually starting to think she might be as big of a threat as Spencer, but the folks on the island all have Spencer as enemy #1. The previews also suggest an all-girl alliance might be forming, which could give Tasha new life out there, if they're able to pull it together.

6) Spencer - Even though common logic would suggest that Spencer is next to go, I'm not so sure it happens this week. He's definitely in a horrible place right now and when the episode begins, he'll be most likely to star in "It's anybody but..." But, this is Survivor Auction week. And there is always an immunity advantage in the Auction. Spencer is a superfan. He'll be sitting on that advantage and I'll be shocked if he doesn't buy it. Spencer's already been right there at the end of every immunity challenge. An advantage is likely all he'd need to win this one.

7) Kass - That's right, I think it could be her time. With a 5-2 numbers advantage right now, Tony can sacrifice one of his own and still have numbers to insure himself a spot in the final four. He's tight with Woo and Trish and it would seem Jefra will fall in line when necessary. Kass has to know she can't win right now, so her only choice is to make the big move. And that's to try to organize the all-girl alliance to dump Tony. I don't think it works (well, with the Perry idol in play, it definitely won't work. What I mean is that I don't think they'll even vote for Tony. I think Jefra or Trish will spill the beans and Kass will be branded a traitor and expelled from the game.

Whatever happens, I have no doubts that this excellent season of Survivor will continue to live up to this billing. I love the Survivor Auctions. Outside of the gross food challenge, the Auction is usually one of my favorite episodes of the season. I'm still holding out hope that the minority alliance can turn it around and not make the next few episodes predictable and boring. But they are facing an uphill battle, that's for sure.

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