Friday Box Office Analysis
by Tim Briody
October 12, 2013

Tom Hanks stars as Guy Who Works in the Cubicle Next to You.

For the second straight week, a movie gets good reviews and is rewarded with solid box office. Go figure!

Captain Phillips

[bp:3277_]Tom Hanks[/bp]' Captain Phillips managed $8.2 million on Friday, a good start. Providing a second adult option for those for whom Gravity might be a bit too intense, the excellent reviews and Hanks' star power (two things that worked in Gravity's favor last weekend) are going to place it solidly in second place. Look for $26.3 million for the weekend.

Machete Kills

Machete returned…and nobody cared. [bp:450_]Robert Rodriguez[/bp]'s kitchy sequel could only manage $1.4 million on Friday, whereas 2010's Machete started with $3.8 million and an $11.4 million weekend. This time around, the over-the-top Danny Trejo action movie will find just an entire weekend of $3.9 million.


Gravity holds onto the top spot for a second weekend with $12.7 million in its second Friday, down a mere 27% from its opening day. This is a fantastic hold and also rockets it up the Best Picture shortlist. Last weekend it managed to build off its impressive Friday to earn a 3.19 multiplier, a trend that will continue over this weekend as well. It'll cross $100 million by the end of the weekend with a second weekend of about $41 million.