Friday Box Office Analysis
By Tim Briody
November 13, 2010

Looks like Ra's Al-Ghul is at it again.


Unstoppable lives up to its title, at least for one day. With an $8 million Friday, it's tops at the box office but it's not ahead of [tm:2549_]Megamind[/tm] by very much, so its unstoppableness will be very short lived. [bp:2065_]Denzel Washington[/bp] opened January's The Book of Eli to $32.7 million, but that had a better Friday. It still managed a 2.8 multiplier for the weekend and Unstoppable should come in around that as well, which would mean a $22.4 million weekend, good for second place.


Surprisingly not about the chili, the alien invasion film earned $4.7 million on Friday, which puts it in fourth place. It doesn't help that it wasn't screened for critics, something that hasn't happened in a while. Maybe they would have been better off going with the chili concept. Anyway, look for Skyline to finish the weekend with about $12.2 million.

[tm:4811_]Morning Glory[/tm]

[bp:5725_]Rachel McAdams[/bp]' romantic comedy comes in with a disappointing $3.1 million on Friday (after $2.6 million since its Wednesday opening, where it actually earned more on Thursday than Wednesday thanks to Veteran's Day). In what's more or less the first true test of her leading lady status, she's not exactly on the level of a Katherine Heigl yet. Give Morning Glory a weekend of $8.3 million, giving it $10.9 million over five days.


The DreamWorks animated release holds well, off 37% from last Friday with $7.9 million. It's just behind Unstoppable, as previously mentioned but will blow by it on Saturday and Sunday, keeping it on top for a second weekend. Look for a second frame of $29.2 million.

Notable Holdovers

[tm:5027_]Due Date[/tm] falls 55% from last Friday to $5.5 million. This confirms that it's not another Hangover (Friday to Friday decline: 38.3%) but as its already at $50 million by the time you read this, its going to make a run at $100 million and is still a solid hit. It should be a second weekend of $17 million for Due Date.

Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls has its typical Tyler Perry decline, this time a whopping 73% from last Friday to $2 million. At least it already made back its production cost. Call it a weekend of $6.3 million