Friday Box Office Analysis
By Tim Briody
October 16, 2010

This is only the second funniest groin shot of the week.

[tm:5017_]Jackass 3D[/tm]

Okay, so we've accepted that 3D is worth a few extra dollars at the box office, but this much? Four years after Jackass: Number Two, Jackass 3D enters theaters and pulled in $21.7 million on Friday. This is a stunning accomplishment. Keep in mind that $22.7 million and $29 million are the figures the first two Jackass movies earned on their entire opening weekends. Nobody saw this coming.

For fun, we'll remind you that both Jackass movies had pretty terrible weekend multipliers, 2.34 and 2.45 respectively. I was originally expecting to peg Jackass 3D at 2.5 or so, given the 3D gimmick, but when the $21 million Friday rolled in, now I'm not sure what to think. This performance cannot possibly be maintained over the remainder of the weekend, so I think you'll see a multiplier as low as 2.2 or so. Even still, this blows away even the highest weekend predictions as it would give Jackass 3D a weekend of $47.4 million.


Yet another comic adaptation that you probably didn't know was a comic until now, Red earned $7.1 million on Friday. This is a little less than The A-Team but a bit more than The Losers, which, depending on your perspective, is either appropriate or terribly unfair. Over the rest of the weekend, Red is going to appeal to those who are outside the target demo for Jackass (Then again, considering what Jackass made on Friday, maybe not). Look for a weekend of $18.6 million.

Notable Holdovers

Two week champ The Social Network is down 31% to $3.3 million. $100 million is probably out of reach but it's sure going to stay in the Oscar equation. Give it $10.6 million.

[tm:5019_]Secretariat[/tm] holds surprisingly well, off just 29% to $2.9 million. And just like that, it's an awards contender. It's going to leap over Life As We Know it when the weekend estimates are in, with $9.6 million in its second weekend.