Friday Box Office Analysis
By Tim Briody
September 11, 2010

Might as well face it. She's addicted to love.

[tm:4999_]Resident Evil: Afterlife[/tm]

The fourth movie in the Resident Evil franchise, Afterlife earned $10.9 million on Friday. This is a new high for the franchise, as the previous best was Resident Evil: Extinction's $9.6 million in September 2007. We can also look at the $9.3 million Resident Evil: Apocalypse took in back in September 2004.

What makes my job easy this weekend (besides the fact that it's the only movie worth talking about) is that this is now an established franchise that have had similar release patterns so we only need look at them to figure out the multiplier. Resident Evil: Apocalypse had a $23 million weekend after the $9.3 million Friday for a 2.47 multiplier. Resident Evil: Extinction had a $23.6 million weekend after its $9.6 million Friday for a...2.46 multipler. See? I told you my job was easy this weekend.

The 3D gimmick is the only monkey wrench here but it has mostly proven to be worth a few more bucks in 2010 and I think that will help Afterlife's multiplier slightly. Something in the vicinity of 2.6 would translate into a $28.3 million weekend for Resident Evil: Afterlife