Friday Box Office Analysis
By Tim Briody
April 17, 2010



The comedic comic adaptation gets off to a $7.6 million start. This was probably never going to be that big a breakout, as I'm sure most people didn't even know it was a comic book adaptation. While it's got young actors, it's certainly not geared towards younger audiences, being highly violent (and also rated R), which will prevent it from having a strong weekend. Friday is likely going to be the highest grossing day for Kick-Ass. A weekend multiplier of 2.5 will give it $19 million for the weekend.

Death at a Funeral

The remake of the 2007 British film starring mostly black actors, the more broadly comedic (than Kick-Ass, anyway) Death at a Funeral opens with $5.5 million. This is tied with [tm:4663_]Date Night[/tm]'s second Friday, so the two films are pretty much battling it out for, well, date night dollars. It should end up with a better weekend multiplier than Why Did I Get Married Too? had a couple of weeks ago. Give it $14.3 million for the weekend.

Notable Holdovers

Date Night drops 40% from last Friday to $5.5 million. This isn't all that bad for the [bp:7561_]Steve Carell[/bp]/Tina Fey comedy, especially in the face of some almost-direct competition from Death at a Funeral. It should sneak ahead of the other comedy in the marketplace for second place on the weekend with an estimate of $16 million.