Friday Box Office Analysis
By Tim Briody
January 30, 2010

Mel thought Passion of the Christ would help him avoid this fate.

[tm:4510_]Avatar[/tm] is a couple of days away from history while the two new releases are met with a collective shrug.


Another week, another $7.6 million for Avatar (down 16% from last Friday). This all happened so quickly it's really hard to describe it anymore. It spends a seventh weekend on top with ease and should take in $29.4 million, which would place it at around $594 million, meaning it will likely pass Titanic for the #1 domestic grosser of all time on Tuesday.

[tm:4403_]Edge of Darkness[/tm]

[bp:3228_]Mel Gibson[/bp]'s Edge of Darkness earned $5.6 million on Friday, which I suppose is pretty good for January and when you effectively haven't starred in a movie in eight years. Taken this is not, so call it $15.6 million and look out below next weekend.

[tm:4246_]When in Rome[/tm]

BOP-fave [bp:5262_]Kristen Bell[/bp]'s When in Rome comes in with a disappointing $4.3 million. About the best it could hope for is $12.4 million.

Notable Holdovers

[tm:4326_]Legion[/tm] plunges 70% from last Friday to $2 million while The Rock's [tm:4281_]Tooth Fairy[/tm] behaves mostly like a kids movie, off 38% to $2.2 million. Look for Legion to finish its second weekend $6.2 million and The Tooth Fairy to earn $8.7 million