Friday Box Office Analysis
By Tim Briody
November 14, 2009

We are very worried that John Cusack, star of the film, might not get to the plane in time.


The Everything Must Go; No, Really, Everything Is Going disaster flick earned $23.7 million on Friday. To call this anything other than excellent is to be mistaken. It's been quite a while since something that asks you to check your brain at the door has hit theaters and audiences were obviously hungry for it. Good thing there hadn't been a hurricane, earthquake, flood, volcano eruption or other natural disaster in the recent past. Even a mediocre weekend multiplier of around 2.6 would still mean a stellar weekend of $61.6 million.


After an astounding per screen average last weekend in just 18 theaters, Precious expands to 174 and is rewarded with $1.9 million on Friday, good for third place on the weekend. That's still a incredibly solid per screen average and becomes something to watch as it expands into further release over the next few weeks. It should come in with a weekend of $6.3 million.

Notable Holdovers

The Good: A Christmas Carol down 37% from last Friday to $5.6 million. This seems high, but it did have a 3.3 multiplier last weekend and days like Saturday is where this thing is going to shine for the next few weeks. A second weekend of $19.7 million should be in the works here.

The Bad: The Men Who Stare At Goats is off 59% from a week ago to $1.9 million. Whether it's the odd title or the concept or whatever, more proof that Clooney is still a huge star but that doesn't mean audiences will see anything he puts out. Call it $5.6 million.

The Ugly: [tm:4988_]The Fourth Kind[/tm] and [tm:3950_]The Box[/tm], down 65% and 61% respectively, with only the general failure of [tm:4965_]Pirate Radio[/tm] keeping The Box in the top ten for a second weekend.

Two milestones of note, one yesterday and one today: [tm:4977_]Paranormal Activity[/tm] crossed $100 million with another $1.5 million on Friday and [tm:4712_]Couples Retreat[/tm] will reach that total today.