Friday Box Office Analysis
By Tim Briody
December 13, 2008

This picture included so the editor can have Freddy Rodriguez on the site for just one day.

[tm:3993_]The Day the Earth Stood Still[/tm]

Just in time for the holidays, the everything-must-blow-up sci-fi extravaganza The Day The Earth Stood Still checked in with $11.9 million on Friday. This seems to betray the tracking a little, but that's been a rather common occurence through 2008. Perhaps the 23% Fresh rating over at RottenTomatoes gave some people second thoughts. The [bp:117_]Keanu Reeves[/bp]-led remake is looking for a best case scenario of $33.7 million.

[tm:4738_]Nothing Like the Holidays[/tm]

The Hispanic-heavy Nothing Like The Holidays attempted to duplicate the success of recent African-American holiday films such as last year's This Christmas. It does not appear to have succeeded, earning just $1.1 million on Fridays, abeit on 1,671 theaters so the per screen isn't completely abysmal. A weekend total of about $3.3 million should be in store for Nothing Like the Holidays.

Notable Holdovers

This week, the only thing we identify as notable is two-week champ [tm:3179_]Four Christmases[/tm] holding well after the post-Thanksgiving correction. It's off just 26% from last Friday to $4.2 million and is now well on its way to $100 million. A solid second place of $12.2 million in its third weekend is pretty good.