Friday Box Office Analysis
By Tim Briody
September 13, 2008

He's obviously on the phone with his cable company.

This is just what the box office needed last week. Let's not talk about that again, by the way.

[tm:3728_]Burn After Reading[/tm]

The Coen Brothers' follow-up to Best Picture No Country For Old Men should do something that film never did - reach the top spot at the box office. Burn After Reading earned $6.4 million on Friday, just a bit under the largest weekend No Country For Old Men ever earned, which was $7.7 million over Thanksgiving weekend last year. The opening number for Burn After Reading comes in solidly ahead of the Coen's recent comedy attempts, The Ladykillers ($12.6 million in 2004) and Intolerable Cruelty ($12.5 million in 2003). Clearly benefiting from their Oscar win (and yes, the star power involved here), Burn After reading will easily be the Coen Brothers' largest opening ever with $18.6 million.

The Family That Preys

Tyler Perry does it again with The Family That Preys, though at $6.3 million on Friday it's down a tick from his recent efforts such as March's Meet the Browns ($8.1 million) and last year's Why Did I Get Married ($7.4 million). Perry's films also tend to be quite frontloaded, and The Family That Preys should be no different here, though it's solidly in second place this weekend with $16.5 million.

[tm:3987_]Righteous Kill[/tm]

Righteous Kill earned $5.8 million on Friday, clearly duping a lot of moviegoers who thought a Robert De Niro/[bp:456_]Al Pacino[/bp] pairing was still a novelty. This will probably fool a few more viewers over the remainder of the weekend, so the crime thriller will come in with $16.2 million.

[tm:1920_]The Women[/tm]

Sex and the City this is...not. The Women earned $3.6 million Friday, and we really feel sorry for any male that had to sit through this. I'm expecting a completely abysmal weekend multiplier here, so The Women should come in with around $9 million.

Notable Holdovers

It's really not notable, but we have to point out that [tm:4237_]Bangkok Dangerous[/tm] fell 74% from last Friday and goes from number one at the box office to number eight, quite possibly the largest position fall from the top spot ever.