Friday Box Office Analysis
By Tim Briody
April 5, 2008

Don't worry, Tarzan. I'll save you!

Leatherheads fumbles on Friday, keeping 21 on top of the box office for a second week.


[bp:443_]George Clooney[/bp]'s attempt at a screwball comedy of sorts got tackled on Friday, with just $4.5 million, second place behind holdover 21. This is certainly a disappointment for all involved, especially considering the cast. It does likely have a more adult audience behind it, but that will probably be competing directly with 21. I see Leatherheads coming in with $13.5 million for the weekend, perhaps even bumped down to third for the weekend.

Nim's Island

The latest kid-lit adaptation opened to $3.9 million on Friday. I don't claim to know anything more about this, so I'm just going to compare it to the other children's book adaptation released this year that I didn't know about about either, [tm:1744_]The Spiderwick Chronicles[/tm]. Much like that film and Bridge to Terebithia, this should likely have a very good weekend multiplier and should top Leatherheads for the second spot when the weekend estimates are in. Look for about $14.4 million for the weekend.

The Ruins

The horror release du jour took in $2.7 million Friday. Shutter opened surprisingly well two weeks ago. This movie...does not. Figure about $6.8 million for the weekend and then a cult following on DVD.


Staying on top with a 41% decline from last Friday is 21 with $5.1 million. The sexed-up Bringing Down the House adaptation is the beneficiary of Leatherheads disappointing, and will enjoy a second weekend at the top with $15.4 million.