Friday Box Office Analysis
By Tim Briody
February 16, 2008

I am a robot. Do as I say.


The Hayden Christensen/Samuel L. Jackson actioner came out on top Friday with $8.9 million, along with $6.6 on the opening Thursday. One of the better looking releases of the year so far, despite questionable quality, Jumper will continue to rule the long weekend, to the tune of about $36.2 million.

Step Up 2 The Streets

The dancing sequel started out well with $6.6 million on Thursday, only a few thousand dollars behind Jumper. Friday it actually saw a decline to $6.2 million. The long weekend will give it a nice opening number, say $26.8 million over five days, but it's going to collapse rather quickly from here.

The Spiderwick Chronicles

The latest adaptation of a children's literature series I wasn't aware of until the film's release opened to $2.3 million on Thursday and saw a very solid increase to $4.4 million on Friday. We've got a pretty good comparison to this in last year's Bridge to Terabithia. Over the four day weekend, that scored a 4.53 multiplier, which added into the Thursday take would bring it to $22.2 million.

Definitely, Maybe

Also seeing a slight dip from Thursday ($3.1 million) to Friday ($3 million) was Definitely, Maybe, but at least it sort of makes sense, being aimed squarely at Valentine's Day audiences. The weekend will be a bit kinder to it, and I see it at $14.8 million over five days.