Daily Box Office Analysis for August 13, 2007
By David Mumpower
August 14, 2007

Neil Gaiman will be pissed that we wrecked his mansion.

We had an unexpected situation with a sick dog and a trip to the animal hospital this afternoon, so this column is going to be quite brief.

Rush Hour 3, which earned $49.1 million over the weekend, started the week with a lackluster $5.2 million. If you are scoring at home (and you're creepy if you are), that means the title has been in freefall since Friday. It earned $19.1 million on its first day, fell 10.5% to $17.1 million on Saturday, dropped another 24.6% to $12.9 million on Sunday and has now fallen another 59.7% on Monday. It is showing all of the signs of heavy frontloading. We might be seeing the last of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker's adventures. And poor Jackie can't even go back to Jackie Chan Adventures since it's canceled.

The other two openers this past weekend were both duds. Stardust, the Paramount release Paramount has admitted they didn't know how to market, earned $1,235,115 yesterday, giving it a total of $10,404,894. If you're getting paid by check for Paramount, I wouldn't count on it clearing right now. Then again, the situation could be worse. Consider Daddy Day Camp, the unwanted sequel Sony shoved down the throat of innocent North American audiences last Wednesday. Its $469,994 yesterday gives it a grand total of $5,357,279, which is just pitiful. I mean, how did those 789,000 consumers believe that this movie would be worth their hard-earned money?

Top ten box office combined for receipts of $15,977,075. That's a whopping 32.9% drop from last Monday's $23,808,685. As you can see, the summer money train is starting to pull into the station. From here on out, business will start to grow dreary.