Daily Box Office Analysis for June 18, 2007
By Kim Hollis
June 19, 2007

She really doesn't have this much to be smiling about.

Here's a quick and dirty look at yesterday's box office. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer has an obvious comparison that directly relates in the original Fantastic Four, while Nancy Drew will require a little more creativity. We'll explore all that a bit later in the week, though. For today, we'll quickly explore how Sunday's weekend estimates came in versus actuals.

For our first opener, Fantastic Four, the actuals came in at $58,051,684. Compare this to an estimate of $57.4 million and we can see that Fantastic Four opened slightly higher than studio suits initially had indicated. It still just slightly exceeds the original film's $56.1 million, but seems likely to fall victim to the heady drops that most of 2007's blockbusters have seen in their second weekends. As for its first Monday, it earned just under $6 million, which is a touch below what the original earned on its first Monday, which does lend credence to the notion that its second weekend drop will be more significant as well.

Nancy Drew actually came out a little bit worse once actual weekend totals came in. While Warner Bros. was estimating a $7.14 million weekend, the actual total was closer to $6.8, which is not good news under any circumstance. The film simply isn't hitting its pre-teen girl niche, no matter how you cut it.

Finally, DOA: Dead or Alive had just the tiniest bit better weekend than estimated, not that it matters. The estimate was $232,336, but the actual total was closer to $260,000. It's a non-factor in our box office discussion anyway, but will be a fun trivia answer at some point.

Join us tomorrow as we get a little bit more in-depth with regard to what weekday numbers mean for Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and Nancy Drew.