Columns by Shalimar Sahota
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Columns by Shalimar Sahota

5/14/14 What Went Wrong: Cloud Atlas
2/12/14 What Went Wrong: Cowboys & Aliens
2/5/14 What Went Right: Juno
12/19/13 What Went Wrong: Sphere
12/2/13 What Went Right: Slumdog Millionaire
10/2/13 What Went Right: District 9
9/4/13 What Went Wrong: The Legend of Zorro
8/21/13 What Went Wrong: The Last Stand
8/7/13 What Went Wrong: The Return
7/1/13 Movie Review: Despicable Me 2
6/27/13 What Went Wrong: City of Ember
5/29/13 What Went Right: True Grit
4/15/13 Movie Review: Oblivion
4/3/13 What Went Wrong - Blade: Trinity
3/13/13 What Went Wrong: The Losers
2/14/13 What Went Wrong: Scream 4
1/31/13 What Went Wrong: Jennifer's Body
1/17/13 What Went Wrong: Astro Boy
1/3/13 What Went Wrong: The A-Team
12/13/12 What Went Wrong: Babylon A.D.
11/29/12 What Went Wrong: Poseidon
9/12/12 What Went Right: Resident Evil Part II
9/11/12 What Went Right: Resident Evil Part I
8/9/12 What Went Right: Cloverfield
7/27/12 What Went Right: Black Swan
6/14/12 What Went Right: Taken
5/3/12 What Went Wrong - The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
4/18/12 Movie Review: Battleship
4/12/12 Movie Review: The Pirates! Band of Misfits
4/4/12 Movie Review: Headhunters
3/22/12 What Went Right: The Passion of the Christ
3/5/12 What Went Right: 300
2/9/12 What Went Right: Saw
1/26/12 What Went Right: The Matrix
1/12/12 What Went Wrong: The Cat in the Hat
1/3/12 What Went Wrong: The Sorcerer's Apprentice
12/1/11 What Went Wrong - The X-Files: I Want to Believe
11/24/11 What Went Wrong: Treasure Planet
10/20/11 Movie Review: The Three Musketeers
10/6/11 What Went Wrong: Jonah Hex
9/22/11 What Went Wrong: The Wolfman
9/8/11 What Went Wrong: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
8/25/11 What Went Wrong: Elektra
8/4/11 What Went Wrong: Little Nicky
7/21/11 What Went Wrong: Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle
7/7/11 What Went Wrong: Mission: Impossible III
6/20/11 What Went Wrong: Deception
6/7/11 What Went Wrong: Hollywood Homicide
5/12/11 What Went Wrong: The Lovely Bones
5/4/11 Movie Review: Thor
4/28/11 What Went Wrong: Nine
4/14/11 What Went Wrong: Knight and Day
3/17/11 What Went Wrong: The Island
3/3/11 What Went Wrong: The Invasion
2/16/11 What Went Wrong: The Hulk
2/3/11 What Went Wrong: The Golden Compass
1/20/11 What Went Wrong: Van Helsing
1/5/11 What Went Wrong: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
12/9/10 Movie Review - Tron: Legacy
12/2/10 What Went Wrong: BrĂ¼no
11/18/10 What Went Wrong - Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
9/16/10 Guilty Pleasures: Shocker
9/2/10 Guilty Pleasures - Resident Evil: Apocalypse
8/19/10 Guilty Pleasures: Pearl Harbor
8/5/10 Guilty Pleasures: Godzilla
7/22/10 Guilty Pleasures: Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle
6/25/10 Are You With Us?: The Big Finish
6/17/10 Are You With Us?: Zero Effect
6/3/10 Are You With Us?: Singles
5/20/10 Are You With Us?: Better Luck Tomorrow
5/6/10 Are You With Us?: Waking the Dead
4/22/10 Are You With Us?: Before Sunset
4/7/10 Are You With Us?: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
4/1/10 Movie Review: Kick-Ass
3/25/10 Are You With Us? : Super Troopers
3/12/10 Are You With Us?: You Can Count on Me
2/25/10 Are You With Us?: Spellbound
2/11/10 Are You With Us?: Bottle Rocket
1/28/10 Are You With Us?: Bubble Boy
1/12/10 Are You With Us?: Brotherhood of the Wolf
1/1/10 Are You With Us?: Punch-Drunk Love
12/17/09 Are You With Us?: The Royal Tenenbaums
12/6/09 Movie Review: The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
12/4/09 Are You With Us?: Beautiful Girls
11/19/09 Are You With Us?: The Limey
11/5/09 Are You With Us?: Eyes Wide Shut
10/22/09 Are You With Us?: Frailty
10/8/09 Are You With Us? Requiem for a Dream
9/24/09 Are You With Us? - The Deep End
9/10/09 Are You With Us?: Dark City
8/27/09 Are You With Us? - The Station Agent
8/12/09 Are You With Us?: The Virgin Suicides
7/30/09 Are You With Us?: The Iron Giant
7/16/09 Are You With Us? - Almost Famous
7/6/09 Movie Review - Blood: The Last Vampire
7/6/09 Are You With Us?: Solaris
6/18/09 Are You With Us? - Whale Rider
6/4/09 Are You With Us?: Big Trouble
5/21/09 Are You With Us?: Murderball
5/7/09 Are You With Us?: The Good Thief
4/23/09 Are You With Us?: Go


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