Hidden Gems columns
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Hidden Gems columns

12/11/17 Hidden Gems: The New World
10/25/17 Hidden Gems: Out of Sight
9/26/17 Hidden Gems: Sing Street
8/22/17 Hidden Gems: Talk to Her
7/18/17 Hidden Gems: Dark City
6/12/17 Hidden Gems: The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
5/15/17 Hidden Gems: Don't Think Twice
4/18/17 Hidden Gems: The Invention of Lying
3/8/17 Hidden Gems: Kumare
2/20/17 Hidden Gems: Shattered Glass
1/19/17 Hidden Gems: Eastern Promises
11/21/16 Hidden Gems: Searching for Bobby Fischer
10/18/16 Hidden Gems: Brick
9/21/16 Hidden Gems: Adventureland
8/15/16 Hidden Gems: The Babadook
7/11/16 Hidden Gems: Unbreakable
5/11/16 Hidden Gems: Joe Versus the Volcano
4/13/16 Hidden Gems: Defending Your Life
3/31/16 Hidden Gems: The American
3/17/16 Hidden Gems: Upstream Color
1/26/16 Hidden Gems: Big Night
12/20/06 Hidden Gems: Scrooge
2/27/06 Hidden Gems: The Ice Harvest
9/8/05 Hidden Gem: The Frighteners
7/22/05 Hidden Gem: Without a Clue
7/5/05 Hidden Gems: Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
5/17/05 Hidden Gems: Blood Simple
11/30/04 Hidden Gems - Capturing the Friedmans
11/30/04 Hidden Gems - More Real Than Reality
11/30/04 Hidden Gems - Lost in La Mancha
11/30/04 Hidden Gems - Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara
11/30/04 Hidden Gems - I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
11/30/04 Hidden Gems - Death in Gaza
11/30/04 Hidden Gems - 11’09”01
11/30/04 Hidden Gems - Hands on a Hard Body
11/30/04 Hidden Gems - Metallica: Some Kind of Monster
9/20/04 Hidden Gems - Young Sherlock Holmes
7/12/04 Hidden Gems - Tully
12/18/03 Hidden Gems - The 13th Floor
12/6/03 Hidden Gems - Igby Goes Down


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