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The Big Picture:
Andy Garcia

Career & Biographical Notes:
  • Refuses to do nude scenes
  • Directed his first feature film, The Lost City in 2005, in which he also starred, produced and composed the music
  • Proposed to his wife Marivi Lorido Garcia the night he first met her. They were married seven years later, in 1982, and are still together
  • His daughter Dominik Garcia Lorido has so far appeared alongside him in four films (three of them as his daughter)
  • Is a bit bitter that no one has ever asked him to play Ricky Ricardo in an I Love Lucy reboot
Andy Garcia

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Recent Movies:

Film Date Rating Screens Opening Total Box Office
The Pink Panther 2 2/6/09 N/A
Beverly Hills Chihuahua 10/3/08 N/A
The Air I Breathe 1/25/08 N/A
Ocean's Thirteen 6/8/07 PG-13 3565 36.13 36.13 Info
Smokin' Aces 1/26/07 2218 14.64 35.23 Info
The Lost City 4/28/06 18 0.19 2.48 Info
Modigliani 5/13/05 R 8 0.03 0.21 Info
Ocean's Twelve 12/10/04 PG-13 3290 39.15 125.53 Info
Twisted 2/27/04 R 2703 8.90 25.20 Info
Confidence 4/25/03 R 1871 4.56 12.21 Info
The Man from Elysian Fields 10/4/02 R 6 0.05 1.43 Info
Ocean's Eleven 12/7/01 PG-13 3075 38.11 183.41 Info



The Godfather: Part III

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