The Big Picture:
Michelle Monaghan

Career & Biographical Notes:
  • Was a successful model before becoming an actress
  • Had small roles in Syriana and Constantine; coincidentally, her scenes were deleted in both
  • Huge fan of Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Even she gets confused between herself and Bridget Moynahan; is pretty sure she's not the one who got knocked up by Tom Brady. If she is, boy, is her husband going to be pissed.
Michelle Monaghan

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Recent Movies:

Film Date Rating Screens Opening Total Box Office
Due Date 11/5/10 N/A
Eagle Eye 9/26/08 N/A
Gone Baby Gone 10/19/07 R 17.59 Info
The Heartbreak Kid 10/5/07 R 32.71 Info
Mission: Impossible III 5/5/06 PG-13 4054 47.74 132.56 Info
Syriana 11/23/05 R 5 0.37 50.68 Info
North Country 10/21/05 R 2555 6.42 18.32 Info
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang 10/21/05 R 8 0.18 4.24 Info
Winter Solstice 4/8/05 R 5 0.02 0.32 Info



Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

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