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Jon Favreau

Career & Biographical Notes:
  • Came up through various Chicago improvisational troupes.
  • First movie with Vince Vaughn was actually Rude, not Swingers.
  • Favreau is a true rarity in this industry in that he is successful in four different fields. He is an established writer, director, actor and (with Dinner for Five) a television host. Many would kill to have the acceptance in any one of these areas that Favreau has reached in all of them.
  • Still not sure what's so funny about Joey's 'Pete-Chicago' line
Jon Favreau

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Recent Movies:

Film Date Rating Screens Opening Total Box Office
John Carter 3/9/12 N/A
The Zookeeper 7/8/11 N/A
Iron Man 2 5/7/10 N/A
Couples Retreat 10/9/09 108.17 Info
I Love You, Man 3/20/09 N/A
Four Christmases 11/26/08 106.75 Info
Iron Man 5/2/08 306.38 Info
The Break-Up 6/2/06 PG-13 3070 39.17 118.44 Info
Zathura 11/11/05 PG 3223 13.43 28.05 Info
Wimbledon 9/17/04 PG-13 2034 7.12 16.83 Info
Something's Gotta Give 12/12/03 PG-13 2677 16.06 124.59 Info
The Big Empty 11/14/03 N/A
Elf 11/7/03 PG 3337 31.11 173.38 Info
The First $20 Million
Is Always the Hardest
6/28/02 N/A


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