The Big Picture:
Paul Rudd

Career & Biographical Notes:
  • Played Josh in the movie Clueless but took on the role of Sonny in the television version
  • Was romanced by gaydar-lacking Jennifer Aniston in The Object of My Affection then betrothed to Lisa Kudrow on Friends. Never publicly stated whom his favorite Friend was.
  • Die hard Kansas City Chiefs fan
  • Always wears Sex Panther cologne by Odeon, even in the nine countries where it's illegal.
Paul Rudd

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Recent Movies:

Film Date Rating Screens Opening Total Box Office
Wanderlust 2/24/12 N/A
Dinner for Schmucks 7/30/10 N/A
Monsters vs. Aliens 3/27/09 N/A
I Love You, Man 3/20/09 N/A
Role Models 11/7/08 N/A
Over Her Dead Body 2/1/08 N/A
I Could Never Be Your Woman 11/9/07 N/A
The Ten 8/3/07 N/A
Knocked Up 6/1/07 R 2871 30.69 30.69 Info
The Baxter 8/26/05 PG-13 47 0.04 0.18 Info
The 40 Year-Old Virgin 8/19/05 R 2845 21.42 109.24 Info
P.S. 10/15/04 R 3 0.02 0.18 Info
Anchorman 7/9/04 PG-13 3091 28.42 84.14 Info
The Chateau 8/9/02 R 2 0.02 0.05 Info


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