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David Strathairn

Career & Biographical Notes:
  • College buddy of John Sayles and was a featured player in the Academy Award-nominated director's film debut. They have worked together on 7 projects and counting.
  • Worked with son Tay Strathairn in Eight Men Out
  • Worked in the industry for a quarter century before finally receiving Academy Awards recognition for lead role in Good Night, and Good Luck.
  • Can't decide who is more self-indulgent, Edward R. Murrow or George Clooney.
David Strathairn

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Recent Movies:

Film Date Rating Screens Opening Total Box Office
The Bourne Legacy 8/10/12 N/A
Cold Souls 8/7/09 N/A
The Uninvited 1/30/09 N/A
The Spiderwick Chronicles 2/15/08 65.94 Info
My Blueberry Nights 2/13/08 N/A
The Bourne Ultimatum 8/3/07 85.88 Info
Fracture 4/20/07 R 2443 11.01 37.17 Info
We Are Marshall 12/22/06 2606 8.58 43.46 Info
The Notorious Bettie Page 4/14/06 R 20 0.14 1.37 Info
Good Night, and Good Luck 10/7/05 PG 11 0.42 29.48 Info
Blue Car 5/2/03 R 6 0.03 0.46 Info
Return of the Secaucus 7
4/12/02 N/A
Harrison's Flowers 3/15/02 N/A



Good Night, and Good Luck

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