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You Should See This
1. The Bourne Ultimatum
    A great improvement over Supremacy, though you still need to sit far back from the screen. Thank Greengrass and composer Powell for the driving pace.
2. The Hoax
    Gere and Molina are great in their roles, but it's the ubelievable daring of Irving that really makes this story fascinating.
3. Hot Fuzz
    It takes itself more seriously than a spoof but counters the intensity of a cop mystery with some great tongue in cheek humor. Great third Act.
4. Fay Grim
    Much more plot than in Hartley's previous movies (for good or bad). The dialogue is fantastically clever and funny.
5. Ratatouille
    Very pleasant, maybe a little more adult than Pixar's previous. I'd rank Toy Story and Cars above it for humor and adventure. Amazing cgi.
6. Gone Baby Gone
    Excellent performances from Affleck and Amy Ryan. Freeman and Harris are overdone but the movie doesn't suffer from them.
7. No Country for Old Men
    Excellent low key action movie, save for Bardem's hair and the movie's failure to close at the end.
8. Juno
    A little light on the 'issue' but this is a good mix of great dialogue and characters that are genuinely sweet. The other side of Superbad.
9. Superbad
    If you enjoyed the sense of humor in Knocked Up, you'll enjoy Superbad.
10. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
    This exceeded my expectations, so I encourage fencesitters to go see it. Great seeing Rickman playing a real villain again.
11. In the Valley of Elah
    An excellent drama/mystery that should be seen by fans of No Country For Old Men, and vice versa.
12. This is England
    Thomas Turgoose is so good you forget he's acting, and Stephen Graham and Joe Gilgum are great too.
13. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
    Dark but not as empty feeling as Goblet. Excellent special effects.
14. The Kingdom
    The story is smaller than the title suggests, but this is a tighter, action-packed version of Syriana.
15. Waitress
    Cute. I think viewers who like this will like Juno and vice versa.
16. 28 Weeks Later
    This a great nonstop horror-thriller.
17. Eastern Promises
    Naomi Watts feels the least genuine in this great depiction of the Russian mafia.
18. Knocked Up
    I'd compare this to The Break-Up for some of the harshness the characters throw at each other. The Heigl-Rogen chemistry isn't as good as theirs with other characters.
19. Eagle vs. Shark
    I burst out laughing a few times. Fans of quirky love stories should definitely check this out.
20. Stardust
    Much better than the trailers indicate, this is actually a sweet, enjoyable romance, finding the right line between fun and cheesy. Claire Danes is literally radiant.
21. American Gangster
    A solid street drama. Not quite Goodfellas or Casino, but up there.
22. Zodiac
    Interesting, but very long at over two and a half hours. Some great, tense scenes when the suspects are being questioned.
23. Michael Clayton
    A well told story until the end when the plot climax is distractingly unrealistic.
24. Into the Wild
    Being homeless never looked so enticing.
25. Once
    The shaky camera work may be too indie for some audiences, and the songs too angsty, but this is a strong bittersweet romance.
26. Breach
    A solid cat-and-mouse drama, Cooper is very good. Not exactly a thriller.
27. No End In Sight
    A good behind the scenes timeline of the origins and aftermath of the occupation of Iraq.
28. Lars and the Real Girl
    Better than I had anticipated, this might have been even better from the Waking Ned Devine crowd. As it is, it's better than Reign Over Me.
29. Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
    A couple of great scenes by Hoffman don't make this the great film that critics are saying it is. Tomei is good and looks fantastic.
30. Taxi to the Dark Side
    You can't help but get the impression from the interviews that the program really was about punishment and hardly about intelligence gathering, making a despicable situation that more stupid.

Worth a Look
31. Live Free or Die Hard
    McClane seems a little more dumbed down than in the previous films, but the fights in this one are great, and Long is funny.
32. 3:10 to Yuma
    I liked Wade, but how different this would have turned out if Hans Gruber had been the prisoner.
33. 1408
    A very scary setup and good dialogue by Cusack stutters a bit midway through, but the thrills are worth it.
34. Paris, je t'aime
    Such a great concept, I wish there were more themed short compilations. The American actors seem out of place in this one.
35. Broken English
    Parker Posey has had some interesting roles this year and is unfortunately being overlooked.
36. Blades of Glory
    Absurdly funny.
37. The King of Kong
    The rivalry here is an interesting one. Viewers should also check out League of Ordinary Gentlemen and Wordplay. Too bad the Kong designers weren't interviewed.
38. Charlie Wilson's War
    Hoffman and Hanks are a fantastic duo, particularly with Sorkin's dialogue. But the effects look like they were borrowed from Hot Shots.
39. The Counterfeiters
    I thought the prison camp section was better than the post-prison portion.
40. Alpha Dog
    Timberlake is an effortless and natural performer. The movie could have been better (and shorter) without the interviews.
41. 300
    Mostly accomplished what it intended (pure testosterone), but I saw Scots and Samurai where I should have been seeing Greeks and Persians. Some great fight scene choreography.
42. The Host
    The pace and comedic tone aren't always consistent, but the monster effects in this horror flick are great, especially for being done in daylight settings. I'd actually rate this higher than the si
43. Talk to Me
    Cheadle is well cast as the brash talking dj.
44. I Am Legend
    Too loud, to the point of just shock value, though it does make you jump. The cgi is mediocre and looks copied from I, Robot.
45. You Kill Me
    Consider this a companion movie to Pierce Brosnan's hitman flick The Matador
46. Transformers
    Shia makes the first half of the movie. There are some great images in the cinematography, but the movie ultimately becomes cartoonish. A decent summer flick.
47. Mr. Brooks
    The Costner-Hurt interplay is very good, and Cook is decent as an eager apprentice, but the Demi Moore subplot is a drain. Botched ending.
48. The Devil Came on Horseback
    A documentary that provides a clear overview of the genocide in Darfur.
49. Severance
    Morbidly funny and excellent editing make this a great suspense/horror, but the violence is too much for it to be called a horror-comedy.
50. Angel-A
    Predictable but enjoyable, uncommonly shot in all black and white.
51. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
    Takes a long while to do what it wants to do, but I liked how there was more story to this one than the second. The music doesn't serve this one as well as the first movie. Multiple Jacks distract.
52. Rocket Science
    The music is great in the beginning but overtakes the movie, as does the stuttering. Anna Kendrick is good. Rent Election with this for a double header.
53. The Savages
    Philip Seymour Hoffman is excellent as usual. Linney is a bit over the top.
54. The Kite Runner
    One of those good films that just didn't grab me.
55. Pierrepoint
    Timothy Spall is great in this role.
56. Offside
    My reaction to the movie was to just get annoyed by the culture.
57. Sicko
    I would have liked more numbers for comparative health costs, because it's otherwise anecdotal on what most people already know. Still, this serves as a good reminder piece.
58. Starter for Ten
    Reminded me of a little of Real Genius. Bennedict Cumberbatch's performance is the highlight.
59. Blind Dating
    Pine is convincing. The movie isn't especially memorable but may be worth a look for new Star Trek fans.
60. Hairspray
    I suppose this is a solid movie version of the stage musical, there just wasn't much to appeal to a non-fan. (though Pfeiffer looks great)
61. Fido
    Clever and funny, somewhere in between Pleasantville and Shaun of the Dead.
62. Spider-Man 3
    Franco actually had a brief shining moment of villain screen dominance and then it was gone. Parker's Saturday Night Fever montage was a step to the ridiculous.
63. The Brave One
    Slow and long, this is pretty much unapologetically pro-vigilante.

If You've Got Time To Kill
64. I'm Not There
    Blanchett may resemble Dylan, but her voice is so odd that I kept imagining Anton Yelchin doing the part.
65. The Wind That Shakes the Barley
    Kind of makes me want to up and join a resistance. Great cinematography and an engaging story.
66. Sex and Breakfast
    An interesting treatment of what type of relationship could survive swinging.
67. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
    Too slow, with distracting lense effects and narration that makes this feel like a History Channel doc, but Affleck and Pitt deliver some intense performances.
68. Atonement
    Redgrave's scenes really save this, because the 'crime' is too quick and coincidental, and the war story too meandering.
69. Surf's Up
    Sometimes too on the nose, but funny if you can slow your pace to match the movie. Great visuals effects.
70. The Invisible
    Margarita Levieva is a beauty and plays an uncommonly bad girl. This is a decent ghost story.
71. Moliere
    Fans of the historical aspect of Shakespeare in Love, Casanova, and Immortal Beloved will find Moliere interesting. Great set design. I thought the director's commentary was informative.
72. Rescue Dawn
    Tim Robbins had the right whimsy for a prisoner in Shawshank - Bale is a little too upbeat here, but Zahn is very good.
73. Bridge to Terabithia
    I liked both the adventure and drama of this kids movie. I'd expect Anna Sophia Robb to become a big star - she's a camera magnet.
74. Shrek the Third
    I'd probably rank the three films in their release order. Third is amusing but only picks up in the third act.
75. The Namesake
    Too epic in scope, the story should have been tighter. Irrfan Khan is excellent.
76. National Treasure: Book of Secrets
    This is better than Indiana Jones 4, which says a lot about the future of each franchise.
77. Music & Lyrics
    A typical Grant/Barrymore charmer. She's a decent singer.
78. Reservation Road
    That everyone is so closely linked feels contrived, but the actors manage some decent performances. The situation is what will get audiences sniffling.
79. My Kid Could Paint That
    Interesting that even the documentarian's faith wavers, but in the end the film backs up the family's claim, and shows Charlie Rose to be pretty unprofessional.
80. Elizabeth: The Golden Age
    Prettier but duller than its prequel. It just lacks emotional punch or intimacy.
81. Disturbia
    There are some good thrills here, and a surprisingly heavy opening sequence. Casting alert: Sarah Roemer and Samaire Armstrong could play siblings.
82. Finishing the Game
    Disappointing comedy.
83. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
    I think this would have been better just left as a short film. The tone was too matter of fact for me to get into.
84. Enchanted
    Adams is very camera friendly, but Sarandon is an inferior mimic of The Emperor's New Groove's Yzma. Not worth the time for those older than high school.
85. The Darjeeling Limited
    It's funny, but the funny and quirkiness are conspicuous. Great camera work.
86. Goya's Ghosts
    Interesting to see Bardem at work before his nomination. The story meanders but Portman manages to not be herself. Excellent cinematography.
87. Shattered
    This might not have been a memorable thriller had it been released in theaters, but the dvd extras remind you how clever the filmmakers were in sustaining the mystery.
88. In the Shadow of the Moon
89. A Mighty Heart
    Interesting, kind of like The Kingdom without the action.
90. The Last Mimzy
    Great special effects, lots of sound (almost earpiercingly overboard.)
91. There Will Be Blood
    This is a love-it or hate-it movie, and I was mostly annoyed by the irritating music, overlong scenes, and overacting without much of a story.
92. Southland Tales
    This movie has *everyone* in it. As good as it is bad, the visuals are some of the best all year. Great soundtrack, especially Justin Timberlake's brief musical number of The Killers (I got soul bu
93. Snow Cake
    I like Ponderous Rickman, but I miss Hans Gruber.
94. Bella
    The introvert is an obstacle to getting into the story. Fans of Once might enjoy this movie.
95. Mr. Bean's Holiday
    Mostly just kid-friendly humor. There's actually a funny running bit on misdialed people throughout France.
96. Rendition
    I think I was almost more offended by the really lousy investigation skills that led to the snatch in this plot.
97. Hitman
    A number of the game elements are used in the movie, but this is a poor man's James Bond and not up to par with Leon/The Professional.
98. Arctic Tale
    Nice shots of the ice and animals, but unlike March of the Penguins, the animals are given names and the cute and sassy factor is heavy.
99. Away From Her
    It just didn't hold my attention.
100. Day Watch
    Dripping with Russian cool... but I don't get it.
101. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
    Other than Biel's underwear scene there's not much here worth watching.
102. Fred Claus
    Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins are great.
103. Feast of Love
    Freeman's character is the most interesting of the group.
104. Ladron Que Roba a Ladron
    Basically a knock off of Ocean's 11, geared toward immigrants. An average heist flick.
105. La Vie en Rose
    I couldn't stay awake to know what this movie was like.
106. 2 Days in Paris
    The cute and interesting conversation in Before Sunset/Sunrise becomes too chatty here.
107. Shoot 'Em Up
    What 300 did for swords, Shoot 'Em Up does for guns. Ridiculously cheesy over the top action that you can't help but laugh with.
108. Ocean's Thirteen
    The third of this series lacks the surprises of the first and the blatant fun of the second. It just seems rote.
109. Resident Evil: Extinction
    It's no Road Warrior, but it's decent.
110. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
    A paint by numbers corporate logo action movie with weak acting and worse hair. Sufer is cool, and there's one fantastic fx space shot at the end.
111. Joshua
    This starts of slowly, in the purgatory between drama a thriller. By the end it makes you question the good idea of having children.
112. 30 Days of Night
    There are some scares but vampire wailing is getting old. Great visuals at the beginning.
113. The Hunting Party
    A good pair to, but not as good as, The Hoax.
114. Amazing Grace
    A well done period drama, interesting for the politics, but for that reason is more cerebral than active.
115. Resurrecting the Champ
    Not as bad as the reviews have hit it, probably because they're sticking too much to the true story and not the heart of the story.
116. The Lookout
    More interesting for the characters than the heist plot. Matthew Goode remains one of my favorite actors to watch.
117. Pride
    Typical underdog sports drama.
118. His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass
    Everything here feels stolen from George Lucas or J.K. Rowling. At least polar bears are finally depicted as really intimidating.
119. Jindabyne
    Not very memorable.
120. The Good Night
    The concept is there but isn't convincing in the process.
121. Becoming Jane
    Great cinematography, McAvoy is good as always.
122. Things We Lost in the Fire
    A decent, if telegraphed, drama.
123. The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep
    Wow, cheese overload. Free Willy is probably a little better, a little less scary for kids.
124. Reign Over Me
    It's there but it's not very engaging. No chemistry between Cheadle and Pinkett Smith.
125. Wristcutters: A Love Story
    Surreal, a hint of Beetlejuice but a fairly different view of the afterlife than we've seen in movies. The black hole under the car seat cracked me up.
126. Love in the Time of Cholera
    The first hour is boring but suddenly turns comic as Bardem begins his casanova life.
127. Dan in Real Life
    Too slow and subdued. I didn't sense any chemistry.

Not Worth Your Time
128. The Simpsons Movie
    There are a few laughs, but there are many episodes that were better than this movie.
129. Grace Is Gone
    Slow, and a downer.
130. Death at a Funeral
    That this Brit comedy is highly overrated doesn't make it bad, it's just okay..
131. The Number 23
    It's not just Carrey that doesn't feel right. The cinematography and direction feel off.
132. Bug
    The crazy makes sense, but it doesn't mean this is a movie you want to watch.
133. Color Me Kubrick
    The production feels very stitched together in a rush.
134. Descent
    I just couldn't connect with this one.
135. Lust, Caution
    I could barely stay interested when I watched this at 2x speed. It's too long.
136. Silk
    Nice cinematography but the movie drags.
137. Catch and Release
    I think I fell asleep at one point and woke up by the end, but I didn't feel like I missed anything.
138. Dedication
    Billy Crudup once again shows how dynamic an actor he is, it's just too bad the movie doesn't support him.
139. The Amateurs
    Unremarkable, and not scintillating despite the subject matter. Bridges' voice over kind of bogs it down.
140. P.S. I Love You
    Eye candy for girls who like guys with accents, but little else noteworthy.
141. Who's Your Caddy?
    I saw this because I left my tv on after something else. It's like Caddyshack 2 but with more plot and less funny.
142. Fracture
    The movie as a whole feels made for tv, but Hopkins has a great character to play with.
143. Redacted
    The video gives you a sense of the landscape in Iraq, but it feels too staged.
144. The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang
    For fans of Napoleon Dynamite only. Hubbel Palmer is funny but the other supporting characters go over the top, especially Carl Weathers.
145. Black Snake Moan
    Dirty, trashy blues. It felt wrong to look, but I couldn't look away. The movie certainly isn't lacking in style.
146. Right at Your Door
    This reminded me of The Trigger Effect, but the plot rests on an unlikely insistance on keeping the couple separated.
147. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
    It's on point but lacks enough tongue in cheek to be really amusing.
148. Trade
    Kline isn't convincing as a gruff Texas lawman. For a similar theme done far better, pick Gone, Baby, Gone.
149. August Rush
    If you played a harp made of string cheese, this is what it would sound like. It's Peter Pan and Pinnochio.
150. Brooklyn Rules
    Baldwin is the brief highlight.
151. License to Wed
    Krasinski is going to have to do something less charming and more funny and sharp if he doesn't want to be stuck doing Disney channel movies.
152. The Boss of it All
    I loved the concept but was bored with the result. Dare I say that this might have been funnier if it had been produced by the French? See My Best Friend, for example.
153. Good Luck Chuck
    Alba is a little more adorable here than her other dud roles, but Dane is more charming in Employee of the Month. A wasted high concept movie.
154. Margot at the Wedding
    Ugh, a completely unpleasant movie experience. Kidman's character is downright unlikable. Jack Black comes out best.
155. Lucky You
    The lazy pace doesn't capture the emotional intensity of the game like Rounders does.
156. Hot Rod
    Samberg is clearly a natural in front of the camera, and there are some funny pratfalls, but the movie is a letdown from the trailer. It's notable as a send up of 80s movies, and I loved the use of
157. The Heartbreak Kid
    Akerman is distractingly close to being a Cameran Diaz doppelganger, but Monaghan more than makes up for the movie's weaknesses.
158. Beowulf
    Lousy cgi, but even more, the movie is just boring.
159. Slow Burn
    This is a standard rashoman-con artist cop thriller, not bad, not great.
160. Youth Without Youth
    I just couldn't stay interested in this one.
161. Rails & Ties
    Why does Bacon have to keep doing these downers?
162. Balls of Fury
    Fogler is fairly funny and there are some laughs (relative to stupid comedies) here but it's mostly a pass.
163. Redline
    Oh Eddie Griffin, you're better than this.
164. Meet the Robinsons
    This looked like a rehash of Robots and didn't have the simplicity of a Pixar-written movie.
165. Seraphim Falls
    Brosnan is decent but this is a somewhat slow and predictable chase. Some great scenery though, from mountains to salt flats.
166. Interview
    Very stage play. An interesting twist at the end doesn't quite make up for the creepy incest vibe.
167. The Last Time
    It's too bad Michael Keaton is stuck in the dvd movies, because he looks good in this one. This con movie also has a decent twist of an ending.
168. Sydney White
    Bynes beams for the camera but this story is a too tame version of Revenge of the Nerds.
169. Puccini for Beginners
    A romantic comedy with a twist in that a lesbian dates both a guy and girl who had been a couple. Tina Benko is the standout.
170. Death Sentence
    Death Sentence does have an edge over A History of Violence in that this is more unpredictable.
171. Klimt
    I don't think I bought Malkovich in this role.
172. Sunshine
    This brainy sci-fi space voyage dips into absurd thriller territory at the end.
173. We Own the Night
    After the initial
174. Stomp the Yard
    Typical across-the-tracks/dance-off flick. If you want to see a documentary on the dance style, rent Rize.
175. The Last Legion
    Based on the novel, this is a clever King Arthur prequel, but the quality is similar to The Librarian and Richard Chamberlain's Allan Quartermain movies.
176. Wild Hogs
    Standard middle-aged formulaic comedy. Ray Liotta is enjoyable as always.
177. Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem
    I realize the darkness makes things scarier, but there's a point at which you just can't see what's going on.
178. Sleuth
    Fine English performers, but the plot is amateurish from conception. I never liked the original version, and can't tell which one is worse.
179. Evan Almighty
    Double whammy - the lameness of this sequel only highlights the flash-in-the-pan of Bruce Almighty.
180. Rush Hour 3
    Tucker and a Paris cab driver get some laughs, but the movie just doesn't feel relevant.
181. The Wendell Baker Story
    Boring, maybe interesting for cameo spotting.
182. Shooter
    The Bourne Identity and The Jackal and Behind Enemy Lines were better, and the finale is too brazen to be relatable.
183. Neverwas
    An impressive cast for a direct-to-video film, may appeal to fans of Pan's Labyrinth and The Bridge to Terabithia. Fairly boring.
184. Smokin' Aces
    Too violent and not enough fun, but Piven and Bateman make it worth seeing.

What the Crap?
185. Revolver
    Cliched psychobabble. There's a laugh here and there, but this slow introspective piece is not for fans of Snatch and Lock Stock.
186. The TV Set
    It has potential but the pace is just too lazy.
187. In the Land of Women
    Brody invokes his OC character decently, but plot improbabilities and lapses reveal this as Kasdan's first-time work.
188. Shortcut to Happiness
    Baldwin overplays the dupe and Hopkins oversells the grand argument. No wonder they didn't put this in theaters.
189. Wind Chill
    There are some great creepy moments in the first half, but the story kills itself in the second half.
190. Lions for Lambs
    A rehash of the same old arguments that goes nowhere. More interesting is wondering whether Cruise believes in his role or took it to challenge himself.
191. Wedding Daze
    Lame, by the numbers romantic comedy, but Isla Fisher is very cute.
192. War
    Distracting camera cuts degrade an already mediocre action flick.
193. The Year of the Dog
    Maybe fans of Mike White, and obsessed pet owners will really like this, but most viewers will notice the lack of plot.
194. September Dawn
    The dvd extras show how deliberate the filmmakers were in indicting the Mormans, but it's interesting movies like The Scarlett Letter aren't criticized as harshly for the culture at the time.
195. Vacancy
    The characters face a scary situation but that doesn't make this a good movie.
196. El Cantante
    VH1 Behind the Music could have done this better.
197. Freedom Writers
    Decent music tracks, probably nostalgic for its real-life participants, but this is pretty much your typical dealist teacher in the hood story.
198. The Condemned
    Arny did this stuff better.
199. The Reaping
    Demi Moore did this better in the Seventh Seal.
200. Astronaut Farmer
    An okay family film, but poor writing and directing make this a boring and uneven drama. Rent October Sky instead.
201. The Ex
    Bateman is funny in moments, but Braff just rehashes his Scrubs schtick. Anger Management, School for Scoundrels, and You Me and Dupree are all better.
202. The Invasion
    Except for one non-sci-fi home invasion scene, this isn't scary. The editing ruins the movie. Even Jeffrey Wright seems to phone it in.
203. Gray Matters
    Heather Graham, Tom Cavanagh, and Bridget Moynahan in a love triangle that feels way too forced in its cuteness.
204. The Hitcher
    I suppose it gets points for being unrelenting, if you can suspend your disbelief that much.
205. Premonition
    The moral/emotional choice that comes up is interesting, and the ending is shocking, but it's also incoherent.
206. The Nines
    Weird, boring, and as metaphysical as The Fountain. Reynolds' weakest performance to date and a far cry from John August's other works.
207. Ghost Rider
    I doubt I'd have been impressed with this when I was 14, much less now.
208. Next
    This is like a bad made-for-cable movie.
209. Perfect Stranger
    Lousy editing and an out-of-nowhere plot twist ruin what's already dead on arrival.
210. The Ten
    A waste of time that I have to warn even die hard fans of the large cast to avoid. The only notable scene is Ryder being a bad girl with a ventriloquist dummy.
211. Slipstream
    Chaotic, noisy, jerky, and utterly pointless. Poor Anthony Hopkins if this is what his mind goes through on a daily basis.
212. Epic Movie
    I rented this because I needed something silly and stupid and it only delivered on the latter. Reproducing isn't the same as spoofing.
213. Captivity
    Awful. I pity anyone trying to eat or drink while watching this. Or anyone who rents it at all, actually.
214. Dragon Wars
    Don't waste your time on this, but if you do, I'll bet you can't not mistake the villain actor as Bill Murray.
215. Dynamite Warrior
    Lousy effects, weak fights, and a weak story. This looks more made for cable than film release.

216. 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days
217. 12
    Oscar nominated foreign film.
218. 56 Drops of Blood
219. The 11th Hour
220. Across the Universe
    Oscar nominated.
221. Alvin and the Chipmunks
222. Avenue Montaigne
223. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theatres
224. The Abandoned
225. Awake
226. Air Guitar Nation
227. Are We Done Yet?
228. Berekely
229. The Boy Who Cried Bitch
230. Blood and Chocolate
231. Bratz
232. Buddha's Lost Children
233. Black Irish
234. Beaufort
    Oscar nominated foreign film.
235. Broken
236. Black Book
237. Badland
238. The Band's Visit
239. Black Sheep
240. Because I Said So
241. Bordertown
242. The Brothers Solomon
243. Beyond the Gates
244. Bee Movie
245. Canvas
246. Caravaggio
247. The Comebacks
248. Cut Sleeve Boys
249. Control
250. Constellation
251. Clubland
252. Code Name: The Cleaner
253. Dead Silence
254. Daddy Day Camp
255. Duck
256. Delta Farce
257. DOA: Dead Or Alive
258. Darfur Now
259. Eklavya - The Royal Guard
260. Even Money
261. Eleven Men Out
262. Evening
263. First Snow
264. Exiled
265. Firehouse Dog
266. Factory Girl
267. Fat Girls
268. The Final Season
269. The Flying Scotsman
270. Feel the Noise
271. Freshman Orientation
272. Fierce People
273. The Game Plan
274. Grindhouse
275. Great World of Sound
276. Georgia Rule
277. The Genius Club
278. Golda's Balcony
279. Golden Door
280. Gracie
281. The Hottest State
282. Ira & Abby: A Divorce Comedy
283. I Think I Love My Wife
284. Illegal Tender
285. Holly
286. Halloween
287. Happily N'Ever After
288. Hostel: Part II
289. The Jane Austen Book Club
290. Hannibal Rising
291. Hollywood Dreams
292. In a Day
293. I Know Who Killed Me
294. The Hills Have Eyes 2
295. Katyn
    Oscar nominated foreign film.
296. King of California
297. Kickin' It Old Skool
298. Lady Chatterley
299. The Last Sin Eater
300. The List
301. The Last Winter
302. Lake of Fire
303. Larry Flynt: The Right to be Left Alone
304. Look
305. Lights in the Dusk
306. Looking For Cheyenne
307. Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
308. The Messengers
309. Man in the Chair
310. Meeting Resistance
311. The Martian Child
312. Mongol
    Oscar nominated foreign film.
313. Music Within
314. The Mist
315. My Enemy's Enemy
316. Nanking
317. The Nanny Diaries
318. No Reservations
319. Nancy Drew
320. Norbit
    Oscar nominated. (Don't panic - it's justifiably for Makeup)
321. Nina's Heavenly Delights
322. Operation Homecoming
    Oscar nominated.
323. Paprika
324. P2
325. Pathfinder
326. Primeval
327. Perfect Holiday
328. Persepolis
    Oscar nominated.
329. Romance & Cigarettes
330. Race You to the Bottom
331. Reno 911!: Miami
332. Skinwalkers
333. Starting Out in the Evening
334. Saawariya
335. Saw IV
336. Sarah Landon and the Paranormal Hour
337. The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising
338. Sea of Dreams
339. Sharkwater
340. The Short Life of Jose Antonio Gutierrez
341. Show Business
342. Sing Now or Forever Hold Your Peace
343. TMNT
344. This Christmas
345. Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married?
346. Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls
347. Tekkonkinkreet
348. The Ultimate Gift
349. Underdog
350. The Unknown Woman (La Sconosciuta)
351. War/Dance
    Oscar nominated.
352. White Light/Black Rain
353. The Walker



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