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The Big Board
for Reagen Sulewski

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Stadium Seating, Dolby Surround Sound
1. Batman Begins
    Tim Burton who?
2. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
    A wonderful adaptation that remains true to the spirit of the series, if not neccesarily the text.
3. Mr. & Mrs. Smith
    Great big fun, and Pitt and Jolie have teriffic chemistry. Just don't think too hard about it.
4. Sin City
    A wonderfully realized vision of an idea, though you need to buy in completely.

Reclining Seats, Stereo Sound
5. Crash
    You know what's bad? Racists. Also, two too-many coincidences in an otherwise well acted and plotted film.
6. War of the Worlds
    Ninety minutes of astounding virtuouso action/suspense filmmaking. However, Spielberg still does not know how to end a film.
7. Cinderella Man
    Crowe is never less than great and Howard really gets his camera into the action. Too bad all the family scenes fall flat.
8. It's All Gone Pete Tong
    A portrait of The Artist as self-absorbed prick. Funny, if slight.
9. George A. Romero's Land of the Dead
    Romero takes on class warfare, with typical gorey results.
10. Constantine
    A decent take on the "Heaven & Hell" genre with excellent special effects.
11. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
    Better in the ways the other prequels were good; worse in the ways the others were bad.
12. The Jacket
    Not the mindtrip you might hope for.

Plain Seats, A Couple of 40W Speakers
13. Madagascar
    Bring on the penguins & lemurs movie.
14. Robots
    Eyepopping visuals, but without Robin Williams, this would be a horror show.
15. The Longest Yard
    Can't pick a consistent tone -- is it a mean prison film or a lighthearted romp? Neither, it seems.
16. Kung Fu Hustle
    Better when it takes itself seriously. Highly annoying otherwise.



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