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The Big Board
for Dan Krovich

Big Board Year:

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1. The Bourne Ultimatum
    The capper to perhaps the best trilogy ever.
2. Once
    Beautifully simple and romantic.
3. Talk to Me
    Great film that deserves to be doing bigger business.
4. Knocked Up
    Funny and insightful.

5. Hairspray
    Lots of fun, lots of energy. Amanda Bynes and Michelle Pfeiffer steal the show.
6. Ratatouille
    Another winner from Pixar... they seemingly can do this in their sleep.
7. Severance
    A subversive and fun office horror comedy.
8. Rescue Dawn
    Bale does the weight loss thing again with fine results.
9. Ocean's Thirteen
    Beautiful looking and a fun ride.
10. Fay Grim
    A return to form for Hartley.
11. Starter for Ten
    Engaging coming of age comedy.
12. Crazy Love
    Amazing story, very good doc.
13. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
    A fine recovery from the mess that was Dead Man's Chest
14. Away from Her
    Great performances.
15. The TV Set
    Not amazing, but generally funny.
16. Offside
    Engaging Iranian soccer drama.
17. Chalk
    Fun improv style comedy.
18. 28 Weeks Later
    Great style, but relied a bit too much on really stupid character actions to advance the plot.

19. The Year of the Dog
    Another uncomfortable comedy from the mind of Mike White.
20. Paris, je t'aime
    As always with these types of films some good, some bad.
21. Jindabyne
    Felt a little long, but great performances bring it through.
22. Waitress
    Pretty good, but uneven in quality and tone.
23. Disturbia
    Functional thriller but nothing special.
24. Hot Fuzz
    Not enough funny.
25. Sicko
    It has a good point, but it's just sloppy.
26. Smokin' Aces
    Some promise, but didn't fully deliver.
27. Ten Canoes
    A noble effort, but it just dragged too much for my taste.
28. No Reservations
    Very middle of the road.
29. Reign Over Me
    Sandler can't quite pull it off.
30. Broken English
    A great performance by Parker Posey, but the movie goes nowhere. (and not in a good way)
31. License to Wed
    Charming stars make this blah rom-com watchable. (Barely)

32. Fracture
    Two great actors. What were they doing in this dreck?
33. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
    It's kind of inexplicable that this franchise is successful after two bad movies.

34. Blades of Glory
    Just not funny. A chore to watch.



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