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The Big Board
for Dan Krovich

Big Board Year:

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1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    utterly sublime
2. Primer
    Complex and compelling
3. Maria Full of Grace
    simple and stunning
4. Bad Education
    Almodovar at the top of his game
5. Before Sunset
    the romance is still there
6. Dogville
    cynical and brutal
7. Home of the Brave
    An exceptional and touching documentary
8. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...and Spring
    beautiful setting, beautiful movie
9. Good Bye, Lenin!
    touching and funny - was robbed in the Oscar foreign film category, much like City of God
10. Stage Beauty
    Shakespeare in Love for the new millennium
11. Mean Creek
    chilling and tense teen movie
12. The Aviator
    The best of the biopic bunch
13. Crimson Gold
    A look at simmering class warfare in Tehran
14. The Motorcycle Diaries
    Rodrigo de la Serna steals the show

15. Hotel Rwanda
    powerful and heartbreaking film
16. Son Frere
    several steps above the normal disease of the week movie
17. Finding Neverland
    warm, touching, and sublime
18. Enduring Love
    I forgot that "enduring" can also be a verb
19. A Home at the End of the World
    brilliant performances - touching and poignant
20. Born Into Brothels
    Informative and touching
21. The Incredibles
    The title says it all
22. Open Water
    highly effective as both a thriller and a drama
23. Sideways
    A buddy road movie that hits the mark
24. Touching the Void
    Still gripping even though the ending is known in the first frames
25. Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi
    A sweet, simple coming of age tale
26. Ocean's Twelve
    Just a plain old fun time
27. Million Dollar Baby
    Very well done, but formulaic.
28. The Flight of the Phoenix
    surprisingly entertaining and effective
29. Tarnation
    very good, but not as groundbreakring as touted
30. Spanglish
    light, amusing entertainment
31. The Saddest Music in the World
    inventive, original, and funny
32. Garden State
    stellar debut from writer/director/star Zach Braff
33. House of Flying Daggers
    Beautiful to look at
34. The Story of the Weeping Camel
    surprisingly touching and engaging hybrid documentary
35. Closer
    Lots of great elements that don't seem to quite fit together for a great movie
36. The Return
    the arrival of a new Russian filmmaking talent
37. Kinsey
    The whole somehow doesn't add up to the sum of all its impressive parts
38. The Assassination of Richard Nixon
    Some great performances in a bit of an uneven movie
39. A Thousand Clouds of Peace
    slight narrative - full of style and beautiful to watch
40. Vera Drake
    An incredible lead performance anchors the film
41. A Very Long Engagement
    Jeunet's whimsical style doesn't quite mesh with this wartime story
42. Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry
    A well done portrait of the man regardless of what you think about his politics
43. The Agronomist
    doc reflects the history of a country (Haiti) through the life of one man
44. Shaun of the Dead
    Apparently only the British know how to make zombie movies
45. The Bourne Supremacy
    sequel that tops the original
46. I Heart Huckabees
    Not quite brilliant, but fun and entertaining
47. Baadasssss!
    great look at independent filmmaking
48. The Five Obstructions
    gave me more respect for Dogme filmmaking
49. Seducing Doctor Lewis
    sweet, delightful, and funny
50. Time of the Wolf
    another dark look at humanity from Haneke, but not his greatest
51. Eurotrip
    engaging cast elevates this average teen comedy

52. Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself
    Star Jamie Sives is reminiscent of Colin Farrell, but with charisma
53. Super Size Me
    insightful and entertaining, if a bit loaded
54. Metallica: Some Kind of Monster
    entertaining doc even if you aren't a fan of the music
55. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
    It takes a little too long to settle into the genre, but then it picks up
56. The Girl Next Door
    nice... but it's no Risky Business
57. Broadway: The Golden Age
    A nice overview of the history of Broadway
58. Saved!
    kinder, gentler satire
59. The Notebook
    conventional material elevated by talented filmmakers and cast
60. Napoleon Dynamite
    funny, but a little inconsistent
61. The Woodsman
    strong performances in a mediocre movie
62. The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou
    extremely random, hit and miss
63. Open House
    the best real estate based musical yet
64. Easy
    fun romantic comedy
65. Facing Windows
    A solid, workman-like effort, but nothing special
66. The Manchurian Candidate
    very good, but feels a bit long
67. Cellular
    modestly engaging thriller
68. Seed of Chucky
    hits all the obvious gags, but adds several clever ones too
69. Strayed
    engaging period drama
70. Two Brothers
    the people get in the way of the cats
71. Intermission
    Colin Farrell is the biggest star, but Cillian Murphy steals the show
72. Saw
    makes the cut
73. Silver City
    one of the lesser John Sayles' films but still adequate
74. Orwell Rolls in His Grave
    Thought provoking doc that loses its focus a bit
75. The Brown Bunny
    after all the commotion, turns out to be simply decent
76. Ray
    great performance - monotonous movie
77. Collateral
    well made and well acted, but existential tale just didn't grab me
78. A Dirty Shame
    Enough amusing moments to make it entertaining
79. We Don't Live Here Anymore
    doesn't quite completely work despite some solid elements
80. National Treasure
    decent mindless fun
81. Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera
    A faithful adaptation with all the benefits and faults of the musical
82. The Reckoning
    Decent period mystery
83. A Slipping Down Life
    quirky humor, Lili Taylor and Guy Pearce are great
84. Being Julia
    Good payoff - but you've got to go a long way to get there
85. Coffee and Cigarettes
    uneven - some of the sketches are tedious but some are hilarious
86. The Lost Boys of Sudan
    sort of a Real World: Sudanese Refugees
87. Dawn of the Dead
    serviceable horror movie
88. Young Adam
    couldn't tell if it was supposed to be a comedy
89. Close Your Eyes
    A serviceable thriller
90. Control Room
    an interesting look, but doesn't dig deep enough
91. Guerilla: The Taking of Patty Hearst
    straight forward documentary film that runs a bit too long
92. Shrek 2
    didn't measure up to the original
93. Saints and Soldiers
    serviceable WWII drama

94. Hiding and Seeking
    Seemed too much like a home movie
95. Kill Bill Vol. 2
    A letdown after Volume 1
96. The Yes Men
    the subject seemed interesting, the film not as much
97. Grand Theft Parsons
    lacking in energy
98. The Mudge Boy
    has trouble finding a consistent tone
99. The Butterfly Effect
    admirable attempt that just didn't work for me
100. Intimate Strangers
    The central relationship just didn't work for me
101. Stepford Wives
    jumbled, didn't quite come together
102. Word Wars
    not quite as engaging as it could have been
103. Broken Lizard's Club Dread
    A big step down from Super Troopers
104. Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid
    even grading on the genre curve, it is still lacking
105. Mean Girls
    not quite funny (or mean) enough
106. Kitchen Stories
    felt too full of Scandinavia in jokes
107. P.S.
    Sophomore slump for Dylan Kidd
108. SpongeBob SquarePants
    A few of the television episodes strung together would have been better
109. Team America: World Police
    Ultimately disappointing
110. The Passion of the Christ
    as a movie it lacks a dramatic narrative ark (er, arc)
111. Birth
    who thought this was a good idea?
112. Brother to Brother
    interesting premise, but surprisingly flat
113. The Day After Tomorrow
    Emmerich strikes (out) again.
114. Little Black Book
    Pretty much a total mess
115. The Punisher
    Only a bit better than Dolph's version
116. Alexander
    It's scary that at this ranking it was a lot better than I was expecting
117. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle
    just not funny
118. The Terminal
    Ironic from its title that I thought it would never end.
119. Father and Son
    the problem with a tone poem is that if you don't get the tone, there's nothing left
120. The Burial Society
    a thriller that's not quite thrilling enough
121. Love Me If You Dare
    it's hard to pull of a romantic comedy when neither lead is likeable
122. The Intended
    a riff on Heart of Darkness that gets bogged down
123. I'm Not Scared
    you should be
124. The Mother
    interesting premise, dull execution

125. In Good Company
    so promising, yet so bad
126. Jersey Girl
    Plays like a (bad) tv movie
127. Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!
    so much eye candy, so painful to watch
128. The United States of Leland
    disappointingly pretentious
129. Highwaymen
    only using "Jesus Built my Hotrod" as a theme song could have saved it
130. Blade: Trinity
    please let this series remain a trilogy
131. Catwoman
    it made me hate my cat just a little
132. Starsky and Hutch
    how did it end? no really, i left halfway through to avoid self trepanation
133. Beyond the Sea
    a vanity project run amok



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