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The Big Board
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1. Toy Story 3
    The grimmest G-rated film of all time?
2. The Oath
    Superb documentary will be in the running for Oscar
3. The Eclipse
    Surprisingly successful and unique romantic comedy-drama-horror from Ireland
4. The Killer Inside Me
    Much reviled but quite excellent Jim Thompson adaptation is not for all tastes
5. Best Worst Movie
    Should perhaps be titled World's Happiest Dentist
6. Exit Through the Gift Shop
    Cheeky documentary piss-take from the legendary Banksy
7. MicMacs
    Not quite as good as City of Lost Children but better than Amelie
8. Terribly Happy
    Outstanding Danish film noir with plenty of twists
9. Hana, dul, sed
    Fascinating documentary shot in North Korea
10. Shutter Island
    Perhaps not prime Scorcese, but has its moments
11. The Ghost Writer
    Roman Polanski's latest is a curio cabinet of personal obsession and conspiracy theory

12. Storm
    Its heart is in the right place, but this 'legal thriller' is pretty tedious
13. North Face
    Decent German mountain-climbing adventure burdened by shallow characters
14. Alice in Wonderland
    You won't see a worse literary adaptation in this or any other century



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