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The Big Board
for John Seal

Big Board Year:

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1. Sugar
    From the Half Nelson team. Will I see a better film this year? Unlikely.
2. The Hurt Locker
    An old-fashioned character study, brilliantly told
3. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
    The best and most significant Terry Gilliam in a very long time
4. Precious
    A distaff Blind Side, if you will. A hard-hitting, superbly acted drama if you won't.
5. The Men Who Stare at Goats
    Best military comedy since Buffalo Soldiers (2001)
6. The Cove
    This year's Man on Wire? Next year's Best Oscar Doc?
7. In the Loop
    The funniest and most depressing film of 2009
8. Black Dynamite
9. Capitalism: A Love Story
    Michael Moore delivers the goods again
10. Gomorra
    Superb, multi-plotted film tears the lid off Italian corruption
11. Up
    A kid's movie that offers food for thought as a side dish for the main course: stunning animation
12. Coraline
    A visual treat that is also one of the best horror films of recent vintage
13. The Road
    As bleak a vision as you'll ever see on film
14. Up in the Air
    The bitterest rom-com of all time succeeds only thanks to Clooney and Farmiga's performances
15. The Informant!
    Return to form for Steven Soderbergh plays like a comedic Shattered Glass
16. Creation
    Well acted, well made, but could have done with a bit more science
17. Zombieland
    Extremely well marketed serio-comic, indie-style road movie
18. Avatar
    Visually remarkable, and even the story holds up pretty well
19. Me and Orson Welles
    A superb performance by Christian McKay but not much else
20. The Blind Side
    The feel good movie of the year, buoyed by a bravura Sandra Bullock performance
21. District 9
    Intelligent, ambitious horror film that could have been even better
22. Good Hair
    More than you ever wanted to know about weaves
23. Bruno
    Consistently funnier than Borat
24. Moon
    Science fiction the way they used to make it
25. A Serious Man
    Not prime Coen Brothers, but if you're a fan you should still check it out
26. Monsters vs. Aliens
    Inconsequential but very enjoyable animated comedy
27. Julie & Julia
    Well made, well acted, well written and utterly bizarre
28. Public Enemies
    Bloody (yet curiously bloodless) biopic doesn't hit on all cylinders
29. Sherlock Holmes
    Downey isn't bad, but Rachel McAdams is dreadful and the story paper thin
30. Pirate Radio
    Don't look for historical accuracy in this well cast but inconsequential comedy

31. 2012
    Utterly absurd disaster pic, but is there any other kind?
32. The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3
    Enjoyable but utterly inessential action movie
33. Watchmen
    The film overreaches and is too long, but has some effective sequences and good ideas
34. X-Men Origins: Wolverine
    The X-Men movie for people like me who don't like X-Men movies
35. Star Trek
    Time for this franchise to boldly go into the dustbin of history
36. Terminator Salvation
    Should have been titled Transforminators
37. Paul Blart: Mall Cop
    Good character, good set-up, dreadful screenplay and poor delivery
38. Gamer
    Gamer couldn't be lamer



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