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The Big Board
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Someday my children will grow up and allow me to go to the theater again
1. Inception
    Just fantastic filmmaking. Great cast for the thinking man's populist director.
2. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
    Not only a nearly perfect adaptation of the source material, but an unique, funny, smart movie in it's own right. Is Edgar Wright the most self-assured filmmaker working?
3. Toy Story 3
    Funny, exciting and heart-warming. Everything you'd expect from Pixar and the franchise.
4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I
    Continued excellence despite the lack of a natural ending. The core cast has grown into their roles nicely.
5. Kick-Ass
    Funny action movies don't usually double as adaptations of satirical comic books. They also don't usually feature a little girl as the biggest ass-kicker.
6. Iron Man 2
    Keeps the tone and fun of Iron Man, attempts to add too many storylines. Still terrific, just would have been better with less. Top notch cast.
7. Cemetary Junction
    Sentimental and funny. Great work from writer/directors Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais.
8. Youth in Revolt
    More good work from Cera. The film leaves out a lot of the book but is still effective and funny.
9. Hot Tub Time Machine
    Riotously funny in parts, but slow in others. About what you'd expect from a movie based on a clever title.
10. Cop Out
    Very funny in parts. Trying too hard in other parts. Fun 80s cop movie homage.
11. The Losers
    The cast does what it can with this wildly implausible and ridiculous adaptation of the Vertigo comic. Enjoyable if you don't pay too much attention.
12. The Expendables
    Unrelentingly terrible. A movie this ridiculous should at least wink at the audience. At a minimum, it shouldn't take itself so seriously.



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