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The Big Board
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1. Avatar
    Amazingly realized. Derivative yet wholly original.
2. Up
    Pixar's excellence continues. That opening montage is brutal (in the best way).
3. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
    The first two movies aside, the Potter films have been a credit to movie-making, not just literary adaptations.
4. I Love You, Man
    I love you, I Love You, Man. Tons of belly laughs. Terrific work from the entire cast.
5. Adventureland
    The slightly predictable plot is more than overcome by the great casting and an abundance of charm and wit.
6. Star Trek
    Terrific from start to finish. Minimizes the bad Star Trek, maximizes the good.
7. The Hangover
    Explosively funny but missing something that would have made it truly special.
8. Away We Go
    John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph do great work. Meditations on growing up and finding your place should be boring, but Away We Go is not.
9. (500) Days of Summer
    Charming and engrossing. Zooey Deschanel is always terrific, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt was distractingly mannered.
10. State of Play
    The terrific cast makes the movie compelling and interesting. Ben Affleck continues his strong comeback.
11. Taken
    Thrilling and effective.
12. Terminator Salvation
    Well cast and enjoyable in a mindless sort of way.
13. Anvil
    Compelling documentary on a band I've never heard of and don't plan to listen to.
14. Bruno
    A hilarious takedown of America's homophobia.

15. District 9
    Interesting concept. The execution ends up not quite working.
16. Extract
    Funny but ultimately not very substantive.
17. Watchmen
    Visually tremendous and certainly the most literal possible adaptation of the source material. Malin Akerman, despite her beauty, is the weak point.

18. Couples Retreat
    Enjoyable yet ultimately a missed opportunity. Great cast and premise, lazy execution.
19. X-Men Origins: Wolverine
    Disappointingly muddled and dull. Too many characters and too much story crammed into one movie -- a shame considering the talented cast.
20. He's Just Not That Into You
    Despite the outrageously good cast, the movie has few teeth and rambles along aimlessly and predictably.



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