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Why did it have to end so soon?
1. Spider-Man 2
    Epic superhero filmmaking. As a sequel, this is in Godfather II/Empire Strikes Back territory. Man boobs on Doc Ock were a mistake, but not much else was...
2. Garden State
    As debuts go, this is pretty auspicious. I hope Zach Braff has more left to say. Even better on second viewing, which is saying something.
3. The Incredibles
    Everything you could hope for in a movie. As with every Pixar film, there's more than meets the eye.
4. Sideways
    Paul Giamatti is as good as they come. Alexander Payne has yet to disappoint, though his penchant for startling nudity is a concern.
5. Finding Neverland
    Johnny Depp is, as always, terrific, but who would have thought that Freddie Highmore would be the real star of the movie? Oscar-worthy, the film has no lack of great performances.
6. Shaun of the Dead
    Destined to be a word-of-mouth cult classic. If not, it should be. One of the most creative and well-written comedies in a long time.
7. Fahrenheit 9/11
    Politics aside, this is a terrific documentary. Politics not aside, this should be required viewing for every voter. Nice to not see too much of Michael Moore.
8. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
    The best of the Potter films to date. An extremely satisfying translation from book-to-movie.
9. The Aviator
    Everything in a biopic that Ray wasn't, with a lead performance that's almost as good.
10. Collateral
    Tom Cruise needs to only play evil characters. Well made, interesting warning to the acting world of Jamie Foxx's impending arrival.
11. The Bourne Supremacy
    See what happens when you get good actors and a good filmmaker together for an action film? Take notes, Hollywood. Take note James Bond.

Money well spent
12. Kill Bill Vol. 2
    Fulfills the promise of Volume 1. How would the films work watched together in one sitting? Even better?
13. Closer
    Why can you always tell when a movie was adapted from a play? This is one of the great first date movies...along with Schindler's List and Requiem for a Dream.
14. 50 First Dates
    Sandler and Barrymore's chemistry is pretty impressive. Continues to be funny on second viewing.
15. Super Size Me
    Well-made and thought-provoking... Confirmed (along with the book Fast Food Nation) that I will never eat McDonald's again.
16. The Girl Next Door
    Better than expected. Legitimately smart and funny. Too bad there wasn't any nudity from Elisha Cuthbert.
17. Ocean's Twelve
    So it's not The Godfather Part 2, but it's rare that a movie makes you feel like you're having as much fun as the cast.
18. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
    When you know you're watching a movie entirely made in front of a blue-screen, but you're able to forget it and lose yourself, that's an accomplishment larger than the technical wizardry.
19. Miracle
    I'm a sucker for movies about sports. When else is it safe for a man to get choked up at the movies?
20. Friday Night Lights
    Well worth the time. Not a bad year for sports movies. Who knew Peter Berg could make such a good movie?
21. Saved!
    Where the hell did something that smart and clever come from? The young cast really makes this work.
22. Hellboy
    Ron Perlman is fantastic. The movie looks equally good. Doesn't quite deliver on all it's promise, but still a good time.
23. Jersey Girl
    Significantly better than given credit for. Quality lost among crush of Affleck/J. Lo relationship. Deserved better box office and reviews.
24. The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou
    Were it not for the outstanding work by Bill Murray and the unfailing Cate Blanchett, even more would be lacking from this disappointing film.
25. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    Kaufman, Gondry and cast keep things interesting, as always. But why does it seem like a whole lot of sound and fury signifying nothing? Shouldn't there be a better movie here?

Let theater staff live
26. Ray
    Jamie Foxx's superlative performance saves a movie that would otherwise be a too-bland, cable television quality biopic.
27. Eurotrip
    Surprisingly amusing. Aimed low-brow, hit the target. Just creative enough about it to make you laugh.
28. Anchorman
    Should have been better than it was. Steve Carell steals the movie.
29. Broken Lizard's Club Dread
    Promising concept, mediocre result. Broken Lizard's involvement makes for enough cleverness to make it watchable.
30. 13 Going on 30
    Fairly formulaic romantic comedy made watchable by the performance of Jennifer Garner and the mere presence of Mark Ruffalo.
31. Wicker Park
    Not nearly as terrible as the reviews suggest, but extremely underdeveloped characters and slow pace make it hard to love.
32. Troy
    What happens when Orlando Bloom runs out of period pieces? Will they let him use a bow and arrow in a modern film?
33. Mean Girls
    Definitely worth the $1.49 rental fee. It was much more clever than I expected, but yet, not clever enough.
34. Mr. 3000
    Surprisingly good. Scary when Angela Bassett is in better shape than any
35. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle
    Mildly amusing.
36. Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
    Ben Stiller needs to find a new character. I'm tired of "over-the-top-intense-guy".
37. I, Robot
    I not impressed.

Violently demand refund
38. The Terminal
    The film's pace matches what it feels like to be stuck in an airport, and that's not a good thing.
39. Napoleon Dynamite
    Eh. Not sweet.
40. Welcome to Mooseport
    Ray Romano is funny. TV viewers can't be wrong. Too bad this isn't TV. High point of the film is when Gene Hackman kisses Marcia Gay Harden as if he were trying to suck her soul from her body.
41. King Arthur
    Hilarious (not in a good way). It's a good thing this came out BEFORE Clive Owen's Closer accolades.
42. The Ladykillers
    Not funny. Not interesting. Not quirky. Though it did give about a day's enjoyment out of the phrase "hippity hop".
43. The Manchurian Candidate
    Completely unnecessary. Particularly when built around Denzel playing the same character as in every other Denzel movie.

Pluck the usher's eyes out with a dull spoon
44. Starsky and Hutch
    How do you not do anything funny with Snoop Dogg? Or, worse, Owen Wilson?
45. The Dreamers
    If only all boring, terrible movies had a hot chick who walked around naked throughout the film. At least that provides a reason to stop while fast forwarding.
46. The Day After Tomorrow
    A movie so intensely ridiculous, so relentlessly atrocious that it could only have come from the mind of Roland Emmerich. Terrible, terrible filmmaking.
47. The Punisher
    The Punisher: Punishing. Well, they got the look of the character in "costume" right...aaaaand that's about it. John Travolta may be the worst actor alive.
48. The Flight of the Phoenix
    The first half was terrible.



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