Power Rankings for 12/4/17
Best Actor
P/R Last C/R Person/Film
1 -- 80 Timothee Chalamet - Call Me By Your Name
  The nomination is a certainty, but will the Academy go for such a young actor and such a young performance?
2 -- 70 Gary Oldman - Darkest Hour
  Despite a string of misses who apparently view this as Oscar baity, lifetime achievement is still in play here.
3 -- 65 James Franco - The Disaster Artist
  Critical acclaim may make people take a second look during this relatively weak year for actors
4 -- 60 Andrew Garfield - Breathe
  The movie's emotional power/pull cannot be denied
5 -- 50 Daniel Day Lewis - Phantom Thread
  With the supposed sunset of his career at hand, one more nomination may be his just reward
6 -- 45 Tom Hanks - The Post
  Hanks has been ignored a lot of late by the Academy, but this could be the year he is finally back among the elect.
7 -- 40 Jake Gyllenhaal - Stronger
  Another strong turn by Jake in an OK movie.
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