Power Rankings for 12/10/15
Best Actor
P/R Last C/R Person/Film
1 1 95 Leonardo DiCaprio - The Revenant
  That Leo got in to SAG despite his movie not doing well with it otherwise shows that a narrative has built around his candidacy. Leo then scored a Globe nod, along with 3 other nods for his movie. He seems the clear front-runner.
2 4 80 Michael Fassbender - Steve Jobs
  What a difference a week makes. Several critics nods, and Globes plus SAG nods means he has a better than 80% chance of an Oscar bid.
3 5 75 Bryan Cranston - Trumbo
  He's beloved in Hollywood and this may be the obvious place to reward the movie about Hollywood and an important part of its history. SAG+ Globes means he's likely in as well.
4 3 70 Johnny Depp - Black Mass
  Lack of critical love notwithstanding, the SAG love is key. But the miss at the Globes, with the ten slots, has to hurt, so Johnny is teetering.
5 8 65 Eddie Redmayne - The Danish Girl
  I realize the pundits do not like the movie, but the King's Speech and Les Miz show that the Academy likes Tom Hooper. And Eddie is still riding the afterglow from last year's win. I think he's in, specially given the Globes mention.
6 10 60 Ian McKellen - Mr. Holmes
  Sir Ian has been stepping up the campaigning, and it may work.
7 9 55 Michael Caine - Youth
  Another veteran campaigning and making it clear he would like a lead Oscar.
8 2 50 Matt Damon - The Martian
  Terrible week for Matt despite the Globe nod in the spacious acting categories there. The lag of SAG nods for his movie (or critical acclaim) show it may be a pundit pipe dream more than anything else. Still, the Globes nod gives him at least room for hope.
9 -- 45 Michael B. Jordan - Creed
  It's too early to tell, but he's notched a couple of notices from critics, and you know Oscar doesn't want to see #OscarsSoWhite again this year.
10 6 30 Tom Hanks - Bridge of Spies
  He has been snubbed for his last few strong performances, so I'm not sure why I had him so high before.
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