Power Rankings for 11/10/15
Best Actress
P/R Last C/R Person/Film
1 2 90 Brie Larson - Room
  This category does not have a front-runner, but Larson is the pretty newcomer and is doing the most campaigning.
2 5 85 Jennifer Lawrence - Joy
  I refuse to believe she will win a second lead Oscar before turning 25, but the tea leaves suggest otherwise
3 1 80 Cate Blanchett - Carol
  If it weren't for the fact that the story really is about Rooney Mara's character, I'd have Cate higher up.
4 3 75 Saoirse Ronan - Brooklyn
  Perhaps the most deserving after Larson, one wonders if she can surprise everyone with a win.
5 4 70 Carey Mulligan - Suffragette
  Her performance in this movie is arguably the actress's best, but the question is whether the movie will be seen enough.
6 6 65 Charlotte Rampling - 45 Years
  The fifth spot really is a crapshoot at this point, but critics may push Rampling in like they did Cotillard in years past.
7 10 60 Lily Tomlin - Grandma
  Another critical darling, but the movie continues to struggle.
8 9 40 Charlize Theron - Mad Max
  I get the feeling that Mad Max is quickly fading, but Charlize's performance still stands out.
9 -- 35 Kitana Kiki-Rodriguez - Tangerine
  Wouldn't it be amazing to have a transgendered woman of color show up here? It won't happen
10 -- 30 Emily Blunt - Sicario
  People really enjoyed this movie, but Blunt's character is almost an after-thought.
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